Alborzi Ortho - November 2018

Meet Annette, Our Amazing Front Desk Manager EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT!

met Annette Greenough, our amazing front desk manager and a vital member of our orthodontics team. Due to her helpful demeanor, Annette makes an impression on every patient who has the opportunity to work with her. When she joined our team three years ago, Annette brought with her 25 years of experience working as an IT systems analyst in the health care field. During her career at Stanford University Medical Center, Annette oversaw the company’s change to computerized charting. Now she assists our team in learning the more mechanical aspects of our office’s systems. In fact, she is currently taking courses 2–3 times a week to master new and helpful technology. Annette still remembers the day she saw our clinic’s advertisement for the front desk manager position, and she explains that as soon as she came in for her

interview, she knew the job was a perfect fit for her. Annette credits her love for the job to the relationships that she and her fellow team members get to share with patients. “So many of our patients come in for their first appointment hiding their teeth or barely smiling,” Annette says, “but Dr. Alborzi is a magician at what she does. When her patients get their braces off, I see this amazing transformation. It gives me goosebumps seeing just how proud and confident they are in their new smiles.” spends her time on her beautiful 10-acre farm out in the Sierra Foothills. Between growing potatoes, pumpkins, chili peppers, and lavender, and cutting down trees for firewood, Annette’s weekends are full of exhilarating outdoor activities. In fact, just this last Mother’s Day, she received her own chainsaw as a present! If you haven’t gotten the opportunity to chat with Annette at the office yet, the next time you see her, be sure to say hello! When she is not forming memorable relationships with patients, Annette

When patients walk out of an orthodontics office, they are more inclined to remember the people who examined their teeth, such as their orthodontist and dental assistant. But they might fail to recall the people who work hard behind the scenes to keep the office and its doctors’ schedules running smoothly. At Alborzi Orthodontics, this is certainly not the case. If you have visited our office, you’ve likely


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