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MARCH 2019


On the first Friday in March back in 1995, Bob Nelson, a founding Recognition Professionals International board member, initiated the very first Employee Appreciation Day. While it’s not an official American holiday, National Employee Appreciation Day is a great way to focus the attention of employers from all types of industries on their team members. For the last few decades, businesses and organizations all across the country have held celebrations to show their gratitude for employees’ contributions and achievements. If you’re a longtime customer of ours, then you know that, while we have a relatively small team (20 including my dad and me), the longevity of our employees is nothing short of astounding. In fact, the vast majority of our team members have worked with us for over a decade. We have several second- and even third-generation employees with us as well; one of our employees encouraged her daughter to apply, then that daughter worked with us for several years and encouraged her own daughter to apply! Because I am a fifth-generation employee myself, I understand the significance of our team members’ loyalty — especially considering that the national employee

turnover rate rose from 15.1 percent to 18.5 percent in the last two years. Speaking for my entire family, I know how lucky we are to have such hardworking and devoted employees. Over the years, I’ve been approached by several people who were curious about how we retain employees as long as we do. Although it might be easy to say that we are all best friends, the reality has much more to do with our ability to work together seamlessly. Everyone helps maintain the existing company culture so well that it’s easy to ascertain if potential hires won’t be great fits. Additionally, every single employee walks through our store doors with the same mission in mind: pleasing the customer. They understand that if my dad or I ask them to complete a specific task, we are asking on behalf of the customer. This collective sharing of one underlying mission makes up the backbone of our work culture. It forms the foundation of our team dynamic. While we work hard, we make time for fun too! We set goals to achieve, and if we reach a new milestone, we’ll throw a party to celebrate. These parties aren’t just for a specific department; the entire company is invited. One of the most recent celebrations happened after our

wedding department completed an entire quarter without a single overdue order. We were so proud of them that we hosted an in-house pizza party to show our appreciation for their diligent work and attention to detail. Another memorable celebration worth noting was our most recent holiday party. We host a company party every December, but this year, one of our long- standing customers, Mr. Brodie, came in to the store right beforehand. He said, “Hey, you guys having a party? I want to pay for it!” His generosity demonstrates the reciprocal relationship our team shares with our customers. As a business owner, it was such an amazing exchange to witness! In all, I just want to give a huge shoutout and thank you to our employees; without them, we couldn’t serve customers as well as we do. Janet Davis Cleaners has been consistently running since 1938, and any success the company experiences is a direct result of our employees’ determination, loyalty, and work. Thank you so much, team! We couldn’t ask for better!

–Kyle Matthews 1 (248) 543-0340


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