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July is the month for outdoor celebrations, and fireworks! We polled our Atlas Staff on their best fireworks memories and the repeated answer was that back-yard Phantom Fireworks displays are the BEST! With lighter in-hand, a Fire Marshall evil-eyed the end to a show attempted by TJ and Garrett has had ashes rain down from a 10-thousand-dollar back yard show. For those who have made it out of the backyards, Dr. Sam loves the annual show at Penn State. With a budget of over 1 million dollars, they do it right, complete with a soundtrack that plays over the local radio station. When Megan was pregnant with her first baby, she and husband Steve enjoyed the

monumental show over New York Harbor following the unveiling of the rehabbed Statue of Liberty. Dr. Bekah’s best was 7/5/15 at a Foo Fighter’s 20th anniversary concert at RFK Stadium, and much-anticipated return of Dave Grohl after being sidelined by a leg injury! Rock on! Megan’s family celebrated her daughter Gretchen and her new son-in-law Sean’s wedding in Annapolis this April. They had a beautiful day surrounded by the people they love the most. Megan and Steve are delighted to have another addition to the family, including the newlywed’s puppy, Otis.

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WHAT’S GOING ON AROUND ATLAS PT? From Garrett : “May 18 finally made it and me and, my now, wife tied the knot! We were fortunate to have perfect weather down in Avon, NC; sunny, 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. We had a small ceremony down on the beach and then ventured to the Beach Klub for the reception where we, surrounded by close friends and family, partied the night away. A night highlighted by the shoe game, where we reveal who is best at what, a little Dirty Dancing tribute, and of course, I do’s!” (continued from outside)

pediatric cancer where participants stand for 46 hours! Zhana loves being able to participate in events like THON and to do a big chop to donate her hair to those who need it.  Bekah visited California for Greg’s cousin’s college graduation and it was the perfect excuse to sneak in a visit to Disneyland over Memorial Day weekend. She’s a big Disney World fan, and reports Disneyland has a smaller feel, quaint trolleys, and a cool pirate ship. She also loved going on the self-guided tour of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, and most importantly it was very easy to find good vegetarian food there! Jo got back to playing basketball Mondays, after a

Zhana donated 14 inches of hair in May to Children with Hair Loss. This is her second time donating hair, the last time being in 2015 donating to Wigs for Kids for THON at Penn State. THON is an event that Penn State does annually to raise money for

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Kathryn also rocked her first dance recital, kept her beautiful smile on the whole time and when the class wasn’t watching the teacher off to the side, they were watching her! I spent the day with Kathryn’s class during her last day of preschool. That definitely helped this working Mama deal with her baby growing up! We had a great day playing that ended with their teacher spraying all the kids with a garden hose. All teachers should end the year like this!

3-year hiatus, playing with brother and childhood rival, now great friend. He was very happily surprised that his shoulder and ankle held up, and didn’t have any soreness to complain about later that week. Jo is a Pro! Samantha fell off her bike in our driveway and broke her left arm. She got a bright yellow cast so you could see the dozens of signatures she collected! She kept up great for her first dance recital! Couldn’t do the arabesque arms or some hand claps, but she rocked it cast and all! On a Wednesday I got to be a Guest Reader for her class and read three books including one with a mention of a “poop deck” which got a room full of first-grade giggles!

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Dr. Bekah is hosting an Arthritis Workshop here at Atlas PT on Saturday August 10th at 10:00 am.

1. Six month old Zhana in Maryland 2. The big movies at the Box Office were Titanic , Men in Black , and Jurassic Park: The Lost World 3. The Green Bay Packers were Super Bowl Champions 4. Minimum wage was $5.15 5. George Clooney starred in Batman & Robin 6. Tyra Banks was the first black model to have a solo Sports Illustrated cover 7. Elton John rewrote his 1973 single “Candle in the Wind” in tribute to Princess Diana

Dr. Laura is hosting a Back Pain Workshop here at Atlas PT on Saturday August 24th at 10:00 am.

Call 410.762.2124 to register, and ask for Sydney or register online at

Relieve Upper Back Tightness In Minutes

Thoratic Extension

Experiencing upper back tightness? Try this exercise: While sitting down in a chair, place a small rolled up towel behind your back just below the shoulder blades. Cross your arms and gently lean back over the small towel roll until stretch is felt in the upper back. Hold this stretch for 5 seconds while repeating 10 times.

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Patient Success Spotlight

Tasty Recipe



• 1/2 large avocado • 1/2 ear of fresh organic, non-GMO raw corn

• 1 cup fresh carrot juice • Juice of 1 lime • 1-inch chunk ginger root, juiced

“I had an MS attack that rendered my left leg impaired such that I had significant trouble with everyday activities. I couldn’t walk the two blocks to my office building without significant trouble, needing to “drag” my leg because it would stop functioning. After my visits here at Atlas, I am able to walk 2 blocks with minimal trouble and have been able to get back to gardening, camping, and other outdoor activities. I greatly appreciate everything the team has done for me!” - Jennifer W.

Directions Pour the carrot, lime, ginger juice in a blender and add the avocado. Blend until smooth. Pour in a bowl and top the soup with fresh raw corn, shaved off the cob.

Fun & Games

The first 3 people to call Sydney at the front desk with the misspelled word, get a FREE $10 gift card to someplace fun! Hurry, read, and call 410.762.2124!

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• Knee Pain • Sciatica • Pregnancy-Related Pain

• Lower Back Pain • Neck Pain • Problems Walking

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