Would-be candidate unhappy with disqualification

nately doomed from the start.” Questioned on the issue, Marilissa Gos- selin, GPR Riding Association president sent an email reply on Dec. 5 stating that the matter was a decision “made by the party in Toronto” and provided both the Toronto office phone number for PC executive direc- tor Bob Stanley. Email messages were left through the PC Ontario website for Brown. Questioned by reporters earlier this week at Queen’s Park, Ontario PC party leader Patrick Brown said that the video wasn’t the issue for disqualification. He simply explai- ned that the party’s vetting process may lead to some disqualifications, depending on what is found in the background check. In an earlier statement, the Tories indicated they could not comment or disclose personal information on any nominees or would-be candidates. Acclaimed candidate Amanda Simard did not return our calls. In themeantime, the responses to Duval’s Facebook announcement, and to the video link, continue to pile up on his nomination page with more than 100 at the last count. One of the messages is from Hawkesbury mayor Jeanne Charlebois: “Derek, you win hands down,” she wrote. “Leader Brown lost big time, and so did the (Progressive) Conservative Party.”

Derek Duval n’est pas du tout content que sa candidature au poste de représentant du parti Progressiste conservateur de l’Ontario pour la circonscription de Glengarry-Prescott-Russell n’ait pas été retenue. Il attribue cela à la politique interne du parti et utilisemaintenant les médias sociaux pour critiquer son propre parti. —photo d’archives

Duval alleged that local PC members were bullied by phone by party officials, and that complaints about this were filed with both the PC head office and also Brown’s office, but without result. He also alleged the candidate nomination process for the riding was rigged from the start to favour one candidate over another, including having just one voting location decided on for the event, located in Russell Township where Simard lives, at least an hour’s drive from Duval’s own home town of Vankleek Hill in Champlain Township. He noted a second

mentary” promotional video for an annual St. Patrick’s Day weekend fundraiser recrea- tional hockey tournament in Vankleek Hill. Duval has been involved in the tournament organization for several years and themoney raised supports local community programs and charities. He is listed as one of the people involved in producing the video, still avai- lable to view on YouTube. One dressing room segment of the video shows a player in the dressing room eating something off of his hockey stick. Duval stated that a PC official investigation of


The fallout continues in both social media and political news commentary websites, following Derek Duval’s posting on Face- book, Nov. 30, that his candidacy as the GPR riding representative for the Onta- rio PC party was cancelled just a few days before the December 3 weekend nomi- nationmeeting for the riding association. The other candidate, Amanda Simard, was acclaimed. Duval blamed Patrick Brown, Progressive Conservative leader, claiming that Brown wanted nothing to interfere with Simard’s nomination. “From the beginning of this process I have been told that Ms. Simard was Patrick Brown’s chosen candidate,” Duval stated, “and that he was going tomake her the can- didate, regardless of what the local members of the party wanted.”

voting location was set up but after “tre- mendous pressure” from both local PC members, among whom were seve- ral municipal poli- ticians in the GPR region.

the video alleged the item on the stick was a hamster. Duval said that the player was ea- ting some poutine off of his stick.The video also includes several other segments, including several locker room

“They (party officials) made their decision long before they even saw the video. Our campaign was unfortunately doomed from the start.”

He also alleged that the decision to drop himas a candidate was based on a “mocku-

scenes such as players rubbing off in the shower and one player puking. The video is available on YouTube. “Those facts didn’t matter,” stated Duval, adding that during his nomination cam- paign he boosted paid membership in the association by 1200. “They (party officials) made their decision long before they even saw the video. Our campaign was unfortu-

Poutine or hamster? This scene from a mockumentary video about an annual hockey tournament charity fundraiser is what Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario officials are using to justify cancelling Derek Duval’s candidacy nomination for the Glengarry-Prescott- Russell provincial riding.

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