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May 2020

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A Bright New Face Meet Sara Huffman

us, explaining that she dreamed of returning to draft legislation. However, after becoming involved in Loyola’s Moot Court Program, she discovered a passion for oral advocacy. “I decided I want to be in the courtroom as much as possible,” she says. She then adds, “I love the opportunity to advocate for clients. And the best part is you win or lose — you can quantify your success.” To our surprise, and despite her determination in the courtroom, Sara is normally not a competitive person. “Playing sports in school I was always happy to be a team player,” she reflects. However, Sara does admit to being pretty competitive with her older sisters while playing board games like Cranium and Trivial Pursuit as a child. “I’m a little bit of everything I suppose,” she tells us with a laugh. Sara came to the Smiley Law Firm in July 2019 and has been a great fit for our team. Lucky for us, the feeling is mutual. “I like the firm’s focus on client-driven results,” Sara says. “Also, the way we incorporate modern technology,” she adds, “[has] made transitioning to working remotely very seamless …We’re more than prepared in these uncertain times.”

Dear Reader,

We hope this newsletter finds you and your family well. At the time of writing, our city and the world at large are in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, and a lot of bleak news headlines are circulating. Thankfully, our team members have been amazing at adapting to remote work, and they have continued to provide the same quality representation our clients expect of us. So, to put a little good news into your mailbox, we wanted to introduce the newest lawyer to join our firm, Sara Huffman! Sara likes to say that, while she wasn’t born in Louisiana, she got here as soon as she could. Earning her undergraduate degree from LSU, this Texan fell in love with our state — so much so that she decided to go to law school at Loyola University New Orleans. “I really enjoy going to see live music around the city,” Sara reflects. “And there are so many restaurants — I’ve been here for five years and haven’t come close to trying them all!” Not only is Sara a passionate member of our community, but she’s also a fierce advocate for her clients in the courtroom. “Working at the Louisiana State Capitol while at LSU is what drove me to go to law school,” Sara tells

Orleans has to offer. However, because of the recent social distancing measures taken due to COVID-19, she’s been returning to her old passion for board games. “My boyfriend loves Scrabble — though I usually smoke him at it,” she laughs. Besides embracing her competitive side on the Scrabble board, Sara’s looking forward to watching reruns of Jeopardy and perhaps getting out on a camping trip as she waits for life to get back to normal in the city we all love. She may not be from here originally, but we’re proud to have this true Louisianan as a part of our team. We hired her as soon as we could!

Normally when she’s off the clock, Sara enjoys exploring the music, festivals, and flavors New

“‘We’re more than prepared in these uncertain times.’”

-Seth Smiley

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