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COOPERATIVE DISTRICT HEATING IN THE MAKING Inspirations from Denmark and first achievements in the Netherlands

By Rie Christiansen Krabsen, Marketing Manager, EBO Consult and Gerwin Verschuur, Program Manager Buurtwarmte in Cooperation Energie Samen

In the Netherlands, district heating has a market share of only 5% because Dutch citizens and industries are heavily depend- ent on natural gas, which is abundantly available in the Dutch underground. The extraction of natural gas has led to continu- ous high CO2 emissions and severe problems with earthquakes, forcing the Dutch government to stop the extraction in 2030.

lands must become an importer of natural gas. The war in Ukraine has worsened the situation. Like in many other Eu- ropean countries, citizens and industries suffer from extreme price levels for natural gas, and the urgency to find sustainable solutions for heating is now broadly felt. Therefore, Dutch so- ciety is searching for more knowledge about district heating, specifically cooperative district heating, where consumers own the district heating grid. Today, only one district heating co-

From a position as a net exporter of natural gas, the Nether-

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