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A 50-Mile Adventure Down Green River Our Troop’s June Canoeing Trip

The Boy Scouts and I are speeding down Green River at the bottom of Labyrinth Canyon. Our canoes cut through the current as the splashes of our paddles reverberate off the dull red, thousand- foot cliffs towering over us on either side. There is

50 miles down the Green River over three days, camping in the wilderness along the way.

river and surrounding landscape. The entire route was through highly protected BLM lands. There were no designated campsites and very few other people, just us roughing it along the river. It’s a ton of fun, and it encourages tight bonds between these kids, many of whom have grown up together since they were little. Not only that, but it prepares them for the real world. Nothing establishes self-reliance like having to clear the brush and pitch your own tent in an area that almost nobody has ever camped before. This is especially important, as most of these boys will be going on a mission in just a couple of years. These challenges teach them to have fun while pushing themselves and growing as people.

We organized the adventure through the Moab Rafting and Canoe Company, all of us without

nothing on my mind beside this — the flow of the river, all the fun the boys and I are having, and the sunlight slicing down between the sides of the valley. Back in June, I got the opportunity to once again take the older Scouts from our troop — including my 16-year-old son — on our annual adventure trip. In past years, we’ve gone on Mormon pioneer treks, pulling handcarts and camping across three days, trudged through 50-mile hikes, and climbed sheer cliff faces. But this year,

any prior large-scale canoeing experience. Most of our camping gear was stuffed into “dry bags” to keep our stuff dry. The good folks at Moab Rafting and Canoe then dropped us off at the river with our canoes and gave about an hour of instruction before sending us on our way down the river. We had an incredible time as we paddled down the river, about 15 to 17 miles per day. The scenery was unreal. We’d turn a corner after cruising between gargantuan mountains to see a wide-open vista, awash with reds and brown and dotted with green foliage. In a couple spots, we even got to pull our canoes ashore and explore an

“We’d turn a corner after cruising between gargantuan mountains to see a wide-open vista, awash with reds and brown and dotted with green foliage.”

I consider it a privilege to lead these highly capable boys in such an incredible trip. And, of course, I had a good time, too! -Kevin Jensen

we decided to up the ante a little bit. We made the plan, sight unseen, to rent canoes and paddle

old abandoned uranium mine and hike to the top of the cliffs, which gave us a stunning view of the

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