Jan/Feb 2017 Military Medicine

Military Medicine International Journal of AMSUS



1451 Cuba’s 50-Year Health Diplomacy Program: Lessons Learned for Global Health Engagement EDITORIAL

1489 Economic Analyses of an Alcohol Misconduct PrevenƟon Program in a Military Seƫng 1493 Long-Term Outcomes AŌer ResidenƟal Substance Use Treatment: Relapse, Morbidity, and Mortality 1494 Barriers and Health Beliefs Related to Weight Management Among Veterans With Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1495 Physical Performance and AƩriƟon Among U.S. Air Force Trainees ParƟcipaƟng in the Basic Military Training Fueling IniƟaƟve 1502 TraumaƟc Hearing Loss in the Context of Blast-Related Tympanic Membrane PerforaƟon

1466 How Well Are We Measuring Military Mental Health? BRIEF REPORTS

1481 OperaƟonal PerspecƟve of Lessons Learned From the Ebola Crisis 1482 Introducing a Novel Applicant Ranking Tool to Predict Future Resident Performance: A Pilot Study REVIEW ARTICLE 1486 What Are EffecƟve Psychological IntervenƟons for Veterans With Sleep Disturbances? A Rapid Evidence Assessment

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