Gloomhaven Scenario Book

Everyone needs to eat. Whatever your reason for coming to Gloomhaven, out here on the edge of the world, that simple fact is never going to change. A mercenary can’t fight on an empty stomach. So when Jekserah, a Valrath woman wearing a red cloak and enough gold jewelry to keep you fed for a decade, approaches you in the Sleeping Lion and offers to pay you ten gold coins to track down a thief and retrieve some stolen goods...well, it seems like as good an excuse as any to sober up and start paying off your tab. “This thief has taken some important documents,” says the red-skinned merchant, her tail whipping about in agitation. “I don’t care what you do to him. Just bring back what is mine.” Based on Jekserah’s description, it was easy enough to knock around a few alley thugs and get a location of the thieves’ hideout. You don’t find yourself as a mercenary way out in Gloomhaven without knowing how to crack a few skulls. So your target is the Black Barrow. Sounds like a lovely place. Black Barrow   1   (G-10) New Location : There are a couple of important things you should remember to do before you begin your mercenary career. First of all, separate road events 01 through 30 from the rest of the cards, then shuffle them. Do the same for city events 01 through 30. These are your starting city and road event decks. You can complete a city event once your characters are created, and you are required to complete a road event before beginning the first scenario. In addition, remember to create the city’s available supply of items using all copies of items 001 through 014. You are encouraged to purchase some helpful items before heading out, using each character’s starting 30 gold. Here are some recommendations for each class: •     Brute: Boots of Striding (Item 001), Minor Healing Potion (Item 012) •     Tinkerer: Eagle-Eye Goggles (Item 006) City Rule: Militaristic Global Achievement :

•     Spellweaver: Cloak of Invisibility (Item 005), Minor Power Potion (Item 014) •     Scoundrel: Leather Armor (Item 004), Minor Stamina Potion (Item 013) •     Mindthief: Poison Dagger (Item 011), Minor Stamina Potion (Item 013) •     Cragheart: Boots of Striding (Item 001), Minor Power Potion (Item 014)


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