Springtime in the Everglades - 2017

50 years. Butcher has been appropriately called the Ansel Adams of Florida. His gallery displays many of his iconic photographs documenting the real beauty of natural Florida.

THE GULF COAST ENTRANCE We visited this visitor center for only a short while because we learned that there are no drives around this area and no hiking trails either. This is strictly a water world to be explored only on boats. Though the Park Service does offer boat tours, we felt that we had seen enough of the environment with our Eco Boat Tour in Islamorada in the Keys. So we turned north and headed towards Naples. Just before we left the Center, I spotted a book about my next door neighbor growing up, Guy LaBree, the official artist of the Seminole Tribe. It is a lovely book with a lengthy biography up until 2010 . There were many childhood pictures which I instantly recognized as well as many of his own wonderful pictures of Seminole myths and daily life. I bought it straightaway and wondered why I had not heard of it before. Florida’s West Coast from Everglades City to Naples We had been out in the wilds of the Everglades so long that we were totally unprepared for the shocking traffic on the west coast of Florida. Someone reminded us that it was spring break for many college kids and their families which would greatly increase the traffic. But even that could not explain to us the India-like insane traffic. We would get into full stops that lasted 30 minutes to an hour, with no movement whatever. Bumper to bumper traffic haunted us until we finally reached Tampa where our Everglades exploration ended. And as luck would have it, another fire was raging to the west of Naples which further complicated the traffic because several outlying suburbs of the city had to be evacuated. As an example of the congestion, it took us over an hour to drive from our hotel to the first restaurant we chose

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