Springtime in the Everglades - 2017

docents were impressed enough to come to take their own photographs.

Alligators abounded below the boardwalk level as well but we saw no crocodiles here. Though White Tail Deer, Florida Black Bears, and Florida Panthers, and River Otters are said to live here as well, but we saw nothing to prove or disprove that statement. We spent several hours in the Corkscrew, even having lunch in their café and returning for more walking afterwards. Anyone interested in Florida wildlife and native plants and trees should definitely put this wonderful preserve on their bucket list. SANIBEL ISLAND & JAY “DING DARLING NAT WILDLIFE REFUGE Still fighting our way through the awful traffic, we finally reached the causeway over to Sanibel Island from Ft. Myers. Again, the number of cars was staggering to us. It took almost an hour just to cross the 3- mile-long causeway. And what a greater shock it was when we finally reached the other side of the island itself to drive into the preserve! Gone was the rarely traveled dirt road around the preserve but up jumped big signs now announcing that the little preserve was now part of the National Wildlife Refuge system! Furthermore, there was a modern Visitor Center right at the entrance where before there had been only an honor system “mailbox” arrangement where you were asked to make a donation! The visitor center and all the outlying buildings teemed with people from children to older folks on walkers! It was incredible to us who had last visited “Ding” Darling probably about 15 years before and been along on the drive.

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