Springtime in the Everglades - 2017

Early the next morning found us leaving Key West and heading for the mainland and our next adventures.

ISLAMORADA ECO TOUR We had booked a 3-hour boat tour around Islamorada’s inlets, canals, and both the Florida Bay and the Atlantic sides of the Key. Our boat driver and guide was a young woman marine biologist with her own comfy small boat which could get into all the backwaters. By now our weather had turned around a bit and we were buffeted with considerable winds which were not rough but did prevent our seeing many birds. Nonetheless, we had a very good experience because we did see a couple of rookeries with wood storks and egrets nesting in the mangroves. But most interesting to Micki and Dan were the iguanas. Iguanas are not native to the Keys or Florida in general. But they have been brought in by all our South & Central American immigrants and they truly thrive here where it is rarely cold enough to harm them. They come in many delightful colors ranging from vivid greens with darker markings to orange predominately. Their crests run from the tops of their heads all the way down their tails and they are very beguiling.

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