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part of the world. A variety of activities will be available each day of the cruise. This is a free program. Ponant Minimum Age: Three years Children’s Programs: Moderate Babysitting: No Tickets: http://allthingscruise.com/browse-cruise-lines/compagnie-du-ponant/ Overview Ponant is a French cruise line that operates nine yachts that sail across the globe. Their ships hold no more than 270 passengers. Their small ships allow them to visit ports of call that larger ships would find inaccessible. On board their ships you will find gourmet cuisine and attentive service. Destinations

Africa Alaska Antarctica Asia Caribbean

Latin America North America Northern Europe Ocean Voyage Pacific Ocean and Oceania Russia The Adriatic The Arctic The Mediterranean Minimum Age

Children under three years of age are not authorized to embark PONANT ships. Children under six years of age are not authorized to embark PONANT ships for Polar Expedition cruises. For all Expedition Cruises, children must be able to act fully independently during all organized outside activities. During disembarkation in rubber boats, they must be tall enough to sit on the inflatable sides of the boats, and old enough to understand, and immediately respond to the orders given by the persons in charge. As a result, children’s participation in any activity in an inflatable boat shall be subject to the agreement of the Captain and of the Expedition Leader, depending on the sea conditions and the difficulty of disembarking at each location visited. The ships do not carry parkas in children’s sizes. Parents must arrange to bring a suitable parka for each child. Babysitting This line does not offer babysitting services. Pregnancy Policy Women who are over six months pregnant are not authorized to sail. Children’s Programs Infants and Toddlers (0–3 years) Children under three are not permitted on board. Children (3–17 years) Flexible or communicating cabins, children’s menus, fun tea parties, games, piano lessons, and a host of other activities are available.


2021 Sea Tales Family Cruise Travel Planner

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