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W elcome to the 2021 Family-Friendly Cruise Travel Planner by Heidi Allison, CruiseCompete, LLC

Policies subject to change without notice, always check with your travel agent regarding pregnancy policies and children age policies prior to booking your cruise. The famous Glacier Bay National Park features 12 glaciers that routinely shed icebergs from their surfaces. If you memorable icebergs are to be found at the coldest continent on earth, of which approximately 98% is covered by ice. The largest iceberg (more than 12,000 square miles!) ever known was recorded here. An added bonus for your future excursion: Antarctica is a virtual “penguin’s playground” where numerous species can be viewed frolicking on ice flows. Surely a site that no zoo can match! Cruises to Alaska Dear Readers, While much has changed for the travel world, much has stayed the same. This book details quite a bit about the lovely cruises and the destinations they visit that will sail you around the world. There will be many changes and, while they keep evolving, we wanted to allow families and travelers to enjoy this book. In my opinion the cruise industry has always been very cautious and concerned about safety and cleanliness. I remember a moment on the Island Princess when it failed a health inspection. It was due to a large cake pan with a few dots of cake mix in the corner. How many of our kitchens have a similar issue? Some of the changes we will all see when traveling via cruise ship are: 1. More emphasis on individual health and safety 2. More ways things are arranged to allow for personal space and enjoyment 3. Fewer people congregating in one place, with more space for congregating 4. Quick response to any potential concerns If you have ever dreamt of seeing icebergs, here are some of the places you may consider visiting: Nature’s Forgotten Beauties: Majestic Icebergs (And Where to Find Them) You’ve Seen the Beaches – How About Breathtaking Icebergs? There are arguably few cruisers who haven’t experienced at least one warm-weather stop on their itinerary. In fact, it likely comes as no surprise that the most popular cruise destination is the Caribbean. Having said this … how many among us have witnessed the awesome sight of an iceberg from the cruise deck or our cabin balcony? If you are among those that have not, consider making an iceberg locale one of your upcoming destinations. To help you in this quest, here are a few of the most memorable locales for viewing the majestic icebergs. Cruises to Antarctica It should come as no surprise that many of the most

haven’t had the experience already, visualize an enormous 400-foot chunk of ice lurching into the bay. Not to be missed on your next Alaska excursion! Cruises to Argentina Argentina is a favorite departure point for excursions to Antarctica, so it’s likely no surprise that the country is a viewing locale for icebergs and glaciers. Part of Patagonia is the domain of Argentina, and it is the home of Los Glaciares National Park, one of the earth’s memorable UNESCO Not many among us have visited Greenland, yet it is one of the premier places in the Northern Hemisphere for iceberg viewing. Be sure to check out the ice fjord at Ilulissat – it contains a glacier that deposits approximately 100 million tons of ice into the sea on a daily basis! Cruises to Canada - Manitoba World Heritage Sites. Cruises to Greenland This wasn’t on your list, you say? Well, visualize low tides during the spring that beach large icebergs on the shore. Typically, one can only view the tip of an iceberg, as that is all that shows when an iceberg is floating. But one washed up on the shore? That’s another story, and you will surely be awed at viewing an iceberg in its totality. Visit the Churchill coastline in Manitoba (in spring) for the best viewing. Cruises to Canada – Newfoundland The province of Manitoba isn’t alone in offering spectacular Canadian iceberg viewing. In fact, there is a locale called “Iceberg Alley” on the Atlantic coastline. Best viewing is late spring/early summer – the St. Anthony pier is a favorite viewing site of the locals. Another viewing bonus, if you’re lucky: whale watching as they proceed on their As the country name might suggest, Iceland is indeed the home of numerous icebergs. Perhaps foremost among its locales is Jokulsarlon, the largest glacial lake in all of Iceland. If you’re there during the summer months, don’t miss the opportunity to view the icebergs from boat rides offered on the lake! Hope you enjoy reading about all the ways to plan your northern migration. Cruises to Iceland

future travel. Kind regards, Heidi Heidi M. Allison Editor-In-Chief, AllThingsCruise

P.S. So many things changed and are still changing from last year, new ships are in and some other ships are out, we are not 100 % certain who will be making changes, so please forgive the lack of updates, this book will be updated again with the correct news when the world and cruise travel is in full swing again.


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