2022 Sea Tales Family Cruise Travel Planner - Cool Places

• Make celebrations extra special. Celebrating milestones like birthdays, school graduations, anniversaries and other accomplishments will be extra special on a cruise vacation. If you let the ship staff know, they’ll do something special to recognize the occasion. Here are a few tips for how to continue to enjoy the vacation memories after you get home: • Give everyone time to reacclimate. Returning to the stress of everyday life can be disappointing after a week or 2 of travel • Relive the experience with a party. Talk about the experience, what was fun and what was not. (Sometimes those are the funniest stories!) Go through your souvenirs, photos and travel journals. • Begin planning your next vacation. Just the act of picking a date and identifying potential destinations gives us something fun to look forward to. Chapter XII Inside Information on Shore Excursions, the Most Sought-After Cruise Experience. Shore excursions are perhaps the most highly anticipated event on a cruise. They offer the opportunity for entertainment, Shore excursions are perhaps the most highly anticipated event on a cruise. They offer the opportunity for entertainment, adventure, education, and even enlightenment. The cruise lines offer a great variety of activities in almost any given port on an itinerary, but there’s another option worth considering: shore excursions through CruiseCompete. CruiseCompete links you to third-party shore excursion providers, giving you access to higher quality shore excursions at substantially lower prices than the cruise lines offer. You’ll also enjoy a more intimate tour experience away from the crowds. Click on the links below to find out more about the excursions offered through CruiseCompete: Find Shore Excursions by Port Find Shore Excursions by Ship Here are seven great reasons to book your shore excursion through CruiseCompete. 1. Price. Cruise lines generally mark up their shore excursions by thirty to fifty percent. CruiseCompete offers the same excursions, so why pay more for the same experience?

Another note: additional trips are seriously discounted. If you intend to purchase all of your shore trips individually, the cost may be prohibitive. However, if you purchase shore excursions as a bundle, there are huge price advantages…and you get to take them all! 2. Personalized attention and appreciation. Unlike the cruise line tours that routinely travel with more than fifty people per tour, the average tour size booked through CruiseCompete is only twelve people. This translates to far more personalized, relaxed, and enjoyable experience. Private shore excursions. CruiseCompete’s shore excursion experts can

Policies subject to change without notice, always check with your travel agent regarding pregnancy policies and children age policies prior to booking your cruise.


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