All School Handbook 2022-2023

WHAT LEVINE CAN EXPECT FROM PARENTS - Levine Academy can expect that parents will support, encourage and help order the lives of their children. - Levine Academy can expect that parents will model civility and integrity for their children; that parents will listen to, supervise, and hold their children accountable with consequences for inappropriate behavior. - Levine Academy can expect that parents will support and endorse the philosophy, mission, and policies of the School. - Levine Academy can expect parents to make timely payments of tuition and other expenses. - Levine Academy can expect parents to register dissatisfactions and complaints in a responsible and fair way. - Levine Academy can expect parents to understand and follow the communication protocols and guidelines outlined in the Parent Handbook. - Levine Academy can expect parents to respect the confidentiality and privacy regarding the School’s interactions with other families and their children, including any academic assessments or disciplinary processes and consequences. - Levine Academy can expect parents to be supportive and responsive to the School’s policies, academic and disciplinary decisions; and to seek a collaborative solution to problems. BUDDY PROGRAM (Due to COVID, the school serves the right to suspend the Buddy Program in order to reduce community spread.) All classes from the EC 3’s through Eighth Grade are paired together through the Buddy Program at Levine Academy. Individual students in the buddy classes are further paired so that every EC 3-year-old and Pre-Kindergarten child has a relationship with a big buddy. Buddy classes meet once a month for activities based around the seven core values of the Ethical Covenant, Jewish holidays and just to have fun relating to each other! Students may create art projects, bake cookies, eat snacks in the sukkah, read books or attend the Purim Carnival together. Each Buddy class has a Buddy Family Shabbat Dinner once during the year to expand the bond between the students. Additional family Buddy programs may take place on a Sunday during the year. Our Buddy Program has fostered relationships between students creating a loving, safe and caring community here at Levine. GENERAL CARPOOL AND PARKING LOT RULES The attached diagram clearly indicates the traffic patterns for the entire campus. These patterns were established as a result of our Traffic Study in preparation for our fence construction and set by the city of Dallas. For the safety of our students and to all involved, please adhere to the protocols listed below: - All student drop-offs will be carpool only. There will be no parking and then taking your child into school on foot. - Please make sure your child is buckled into their car seat until your car has come to a complete stop. - Drive slowly in the parking lot – MAXIMUM SPEED IS 5 MPH. - The parking lot is a NO CELL PHONE ZONE. Please do not use cell phones at any time in the parking lot. Cell phone usage is not allowed in the school parking lot or in the carpool line when dropping off or picking up your child. - Do not park in fire lanes or park your car in a “handicapped” designated parking space without the proper permit. - During carpool, please do not congregate in front of the crosswalk area or in the area where the children are exiting from the school – as the line moves forward, pull your car forward. - Do not leave your vehicle in the carpool line or park your car in the fire lane, when leaving your car for any reason. - Please have your child ready to exit the car as soon as you pull up to the drop-off point. - If there is a special circumstance that requires a parent to occasionally pick up a child early from school, the parent must sign the child out at the Main Greeter’s desk. - The office MUST BE NOTIFIED IN WRITING if someone other than those listed on the carpool form is picking up your child. This person must present valid identification upon request. It is the parent’s


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