All School Handbook 2022-2023

responsibility to notify the teachers and carpool drivers of any changes (illness, early pick-up, going with a friend, etc…) prior to 3:00 PM. No student is allowed to go home with a different carpool without parent permission.

HEALTH Parenting for your Child’s Success - Start your child’s day on a positive note. Provide a nourishing breakfast and a stress-free morning. - Establish a set bedtime for school nights. Children are at their best when they have had a restful sleep. - Don’t over-schedule after-school activities. Allow your child ample time to relax, do homework, and socialize with friends. - Establish a daily homework schedule and provide a quiet place to do homework. - Check your child’s backpack and homework folder daily for correspondence, or check in with Brightwheel (EC families), Schoology (K-8 families) or computer portal for classroom updates and child’s progress. Read the “E-News” each week. - Establish routines and boundaries at home—practicing responsibility for belongings; refraining from interrupting; keeping to daily/weekly household chores; maintain hygiene before going to bed, etc… - Limit your child’s time spent watching T.V. and playing electronic games. Make reading and family conversation part of your daily routine. - Be supportive of your child’s efforts and accomplishments and do not set unreasonable expectations. Use positive reinforcements. - Help your child develop proper respect for adult authority. If you disagree with the child’s


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