All School Handbook 2022-2023

Crisis Management Plan Emergency drills are conducted regularly. Safety is an important matter, and drills are taken seriously. Students are expected to follow procedures and maintain quiet so that any required instructions can be heard.

If ordered to evacuate campus, we will evacuate to Old Renner Park, 6725 Winding Rose Trail, Dallas, Texas 75252.

Fire The fire signal will be initiated using the school-wide public address (PA) system. Specific exit routes are posted in each classroom. Levine faculty and staff will assemble students away from the building and begin confirming attendance. Students should walk quietly and in an orderly manner. Students may not return to the buildings until the Head of School or his designee has given permission. Based on the closest proximity, all faculty/staff and children will evacuate to the North Soccer Field or the K8 playground. Lockdown Lockdowns are announced over the PA system. In the event that it becomes necessary to lockdown the school campus, students will remain quiet, listening for instruction, and move to a safe area as per teacher direction. If a student is not in a classroom, he/she is immediately to enter the closest classroom or other room with a door that locks. Teachers and students will remain in their lockdown locations and await instructions from the Head of School or his designee. The perimeter fence will close during lockdown – no one will be admitted in or out during that time. Tornado Tornado warnings will be issued using the PA system. At the signal, students will remain quiet, listening for instruction and immediately proceed to the nearest designated safe area. Faculty and staff members will begin confirming attendance. Students may not leave their locations until the Head of School or his designee has given permission.


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