All School Handbook 2022-2023

BEHAVIOR POLICY We believe that appropriate discipline helps a child develop self-control. Our teachers provide guidance and encouragement to build self-esteem. Developing self-control is a slow, gradual process that is developmental in nature. The goal of discipline is to teach children how to make good choices. Appropriate discipline requires that children experience the consequences of their misbehavior. "Time out" is an overused term and may represent a different connotation to each child. We do not use this term because it may confuse a child and work as a negative label. Our teachers work with the child(ren) to define the problem and help the child generate a solution or resolution. The teachers and child(ren) re-evaluate the solution after some time has passed. We are always open to try new strategies in order to resolve a situation. Discipline is taught on an individual basis because children cognitively learn in different modalities. Teachers are trained to use a variety of methods to reinforce discipline and classroom management techniques. If a student’s behavior exceeds our abilities to re-direct and reinforce our discipline policy, we reserve the right to counsel the family and make necessary recommendations to refer them to specialized services.


Through a partnership between Jewish Family Service and the pre-schools, day schools and high schools that are served, our counselors work closely with school personnel and parents to assess student behavior and make recommendations for intervention. As part of the special needs initiative, our school counselors will work with teachers to determine the student’s abilities and disabilities in relation to the curriculum. The following services are provided to the school by our consultants: - Assess the behavior of children who have been referred, by observing classrooms, recess and lunch, and then making recommendations. - Assist teachers, parents and administrators with academic, behavioral, social/emotional or family issues. - Provide crisis intervention and limited individual counseling to students, 1-2 sessions. - Provide group intervention, when appropriate, on topics such as peer relationships, problem-solving and conflict resolution. - Offer consultation to parents. - Provide Second Step or a similar program which emphasizes feelings, problem-solving and anger management, taught weekly in our 3’s and Pre-Kindergarten classes. The purpose of the program is to be a resource for the school, the parents and caregivers, as well as the teachers and students at Levine Academy. When indicated, referrals will be made to community agencies, private health professionals and/or rabbis for additional assistance. Faculty or parents may refer students, or students may request to see the counselor themselves. All personal information about the students is kept in the strictest confidence. Information regarding a student will only be released with a written consent from the parent or caregiver.


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