All School Handbook 2022-2023

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE Limited financial assistance is available for the Pre-Kindergarten cluster. Please contact the Business Office for more information. The EC was awarded the Helen E. Risch Scholarship to assist a family to enroll its children. We thank the Helen E. Risch Scholarship Fund for awarding tuition assistance for children attending Jewish Early Childhood Centers in Dallas. We appreciate the generosity of the Risch family in supporting the needs of deserving families to attend Jewish Early Childhood programs in our city. LIBRARY We encourage you to share the joy of reading with your child. Children (toddlers through PreK) have the opportunity to check out books weekly during their class library time. The EC Library welcomes any donation of gently used books your family has outgrown.

Thank you for your support of this very important part of the Early Childhood.

Birthday Book Club The Birthday Book Club is an opportunity to celebrate your child’s birthday AND help expand the selection of books available in the Early Childhood Library. Join the Birthday Book Club and a book with a special bookplate bearing your child’s name will be presented to your child during the library time closest to their birthday. June and July birthday books will be presented at the end of the school year. August birthdays will be presented at the beginning of the school year. Please fill out the Birthday Book Club form today! LUNCHES AND SNACKS Each school day the children at Levine Academy’s Early Childhood enjoy a morning snack together. Snack time, even though snacks are simple, is an integral part of the total school experience, providing many opportunities to enhance the education and social skills of our children. Due to many parent requests, each family will be responsible for its own child’s snack. As we become more concerned with food quality and its impact on allergies, as well as each child’s personal likes and dislikes, we feel that parents will be able to provide a morning snack that more consistently meets their child’s needs. We will still provide water to drink and challah and grape juice on Fridays. Snacks should be sent in a separate container marked with the word “ snack”. Levine Academy maintains a standard of Kashrut that is inclusive of all families, and is guided by the principles of the Conservative Jewish Movement. All food brought into Levine Academy must be dairy and labeled with the appropriate Kashrut symbol, except fresh fruits and vegetables which must be cut up at school when serving to your child’s class. We must return any can or package that does not have the appropriate Kashrut symbol. In addition, the EC has adopted a NUT FREE POLICY in order to safeguard the health of our children. Please read ingredient labels carefully and avoid sending foods containing the following: - peanuts/peanut butter/peanut oil - nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc.) - hydrolyzed vegetable protein - "may contain traces of peanuts (or nuts)" appearing on a separate line above or below the ingredient list on the food label


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