All School Handbook 2022-2023

COMMUNITY STANDARDS AND POLICIES Behavior and Discipline Community Expectation: A Positive Learning Environment

Levine Academy encourages a positive learning environment and the fulfillment of the school’s mission. Students have the right to develop academically, spiritually and socially in a safe environment. The Ethical Covenant ensures each child enjoys the daily experiences provided by the Levine Academy community. When a student is unable to behave according to these principles, s/he can expect verbal warnings, parent notification, loss of privileges, the assignment of academic or counseling obligation, and/or a conference with the Principal or Head of School. Severe or excessive incidents will result in detention, suspension or expulsion. Community Standard: Respect for Others Levine Academy is committed to its Mission of being a dynamic, inclusive Jewish day school. In 2019, the school adopted its Inclusivity Declarations, which begins with the statement: ‘Levine Academy’s commitment to diversity is all-encompassing: we seek to embrace all facets of human differences within our student population—gender, race, nationality, socio-economic, learning traits, physical traits, family profiles, Jewish beliefs, and all other manners in which our families self-identify. This level of inclusivity is a natural by-product of Levine's Middot.” Disrespect of any person violates our Community Standard and has no place within the Levine community. Levine prohibits all forms of Discriminatory Misconduct, Physical Misconduct, Sexual Misconduct, Child Abuse, and Adult-Student Boundary Crossing; and will take disciplinary action against those engaged in any of these behaviors. Some of these School policies are also prohibited by local, state, and federal law and Levine will cooperate fully with these laws, including any mandatory reporting requirements, such as those for Child Abuse and Sexual Assault. Reporting Incidents Levine encourages all members of its community to report any incident involving these types of misconduct to a School Administrator without delay. Levine Academy will respond promptly and equitably to all reports. Retaliating against a person who is involved in any way with reporting or resolving a complaint is prohibited. An individual found to have violated any of these policies is subject to the School’s application of its Community Standards and Policies, with possible consequences including, but not limited, to disciplinary action, such as mandatory evaluation, counseling, community service, educational requirements, suspension, dismissal, or expulsion. If a student feels s/he is a victim of discrimination, harassment, bullying, cyber-bullying, intimidation or menacing, s/he should talk immediately with a teacher, advisor, counselor, Principal or the Head of School. The student should speak with whomever he or she feels most comfortable. If the student does not feel comfortable talking with any of the above alone, s/he should bring a friend or write a note. Levine Academy encourages the student to talk with a parent or other adult whom s/he trusts so the parent or other adult can also provide assistance. School Jurisdiction - Levine Academy expects its students, faculty, and staff to exemplify good citizenship on campus and away from school.


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