All School Handbook 2022-2023

Works with Levine administration to create the annual school directory; sells advertising for the Levine Academy school directory; coordinates the distribution of the directory.

Teacher Appreciation Plans a series of events throughout the school year for our teachers and staff that reflects our appreciation for their hard work.

Teacher Appreciation End-of-Year Luncheon Plans and organizes the annual end-of-year luncheon for our teachers and staff.

Book Fair Oversees the organization and implementation of our annual book sales fundraiser, including developing a variety of initiatives and programs that promote and celebrate literacy in the week/weeks leading up to Book Fair, with the underlying goal of building excitement and participation throughout Levine. Room Parents Room Parents serve in individual classrooms to develop and sustain positive relationships and open communication between teachers and parents. The Room Parent system is an important way to develop and strengthen positive relationships and open communication between parents and the School.

Spirit Wear The Spirit Wear Chair oversees all things related to Levine Academy’s PA – runs the mobile store.

Stallion Swap Oversees the collection and display of Levine Academy uniform swap.

Bazaar Creates an eclectic holiday shopping experience that engages parents and the greater community in an enjoyable, in-house event while raising funds for the PA. They select vendors, secure location, publicize the event throughout the community; coordinate the set-up and break down of the event; track all expenditures related to the event; submit final accounting to the PA Treasurer. Purim Carnival Organizes the annual student carnival, an important part of our school’s Purim celebration. With school administration, they confirm location; assign attendance times; decide games and activities; secure day- of volunteers; coordinate the set-up and break-down of the event; track all expenditures related to the event; submit final accounting to PA Treasurer. Candles and Honey Labels and distributes candles for Chanukah and the honey for Rosh Hashanah to Levine students and faculty.

Eighth Grade Graduation Gifts Selects and distributes annual PA gift to the current school year graduates.

Summer Send-Off Plans and executes our annual outdoor end-of-the-year carnival/field day, including publicizing the event, filling day-of positions; retains amusement and entertainment vendors; tracking all expenditures related to the event; submits final accounting to PA Treasurer.

REASONS TO ENGAGE WITH OUR PARENT ASSOCIATION For the Kids. Studies show that kids whose parents are involved at school perform better. Get Connected. Being involved at school is the best way to know what’s happening in school.


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