All School Handbook 2022-2023

MISSION STATEMENT Ann & Nate Levine Academy is an inclusive, dynamic, Jewish day school which fosters leadership, creativity, critical thinking, and Jewish values while empowering its students with integrity, self- confidence, and intellectual curiosity. BOARD OF TRUSTEES The Board of Trustees is primarily responsible for ensuring the school has the resources necessary to fulfill its mission, including long-range planning, policy formulation, stewardship of the school’s assets, selection and retention of and providing counsel to the Head of School, and representing the school in the community at large. Each year, the Committee on Trustees nominates candidates for the Board and presents them for election to the full Board. Elected Board members serve two-year terms and the bylaws outline the number of successive terms allowed, the composition of the Board, and the functions of its various standing committees. The Board of Trustees meets monthly during the school year and the dates are listed in the School calendar. To accomplish its work, the Board of Trustees needs volunteers beyond its membership to serve on its committees. Parents of students and alumni as well as members of the community-at-large are welcome to serve in this capacity. Should you have any questions about the Board of Trustees, you are encouraged to contact the Board President, Marc Grossfeld, who will be serving his first year of his two-year term during the 2022/2023 school year. EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY The faculty and the leadership of Levine Academy see our comprehensive program— first rate preparatory and challenging general studies alongside thorough and inspiring Jewish foundational learning —as being 100% cognitive, skills-based, and academic; moreover, Levine Academy is committed to creating a positive, respectful, and joyful environment for the betterment of learning for our students, complementing the establishment of a collaborative and professional faculty and staff culture. The classroom approach is centered on discovering our students’ individual needs and then, by tapping into the expertise of our professionals and faculty, delivering the kind of instruction that will enrich, challenge and support each student, mindful of their learning style and developmental level. Our educational approach is delivered within a Jewish school community dedicated to menschlichkeit (sense of humanity) and our School’s cherished Ethical Covenant of seven middot (values): Caring, Citizenship, Holiness, Responsibility, Justice, Respect, and Integrity. Our educational philosophy, in a Jewish day school context, is best understood through an understanding of how we regard the needs of each and every learner—in short, how we see our “learning philosophy.” Our educational philosophy is centered on meeting the needs of every learner, and it is best expressed through our three educational themes that adorn many of our school’s official documents and materials: Inspiration. Knowledge. Character.


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