All School Handbook 2022-2023


COMMUNICATION School to Home Communication

All school communications are sent electronically. Parents are notified of any policy or procedural changes electronically. Parents may discuss and review policies and procedures with the Head of School, K-8 Principal or Early Childhood (EC) Director at any time. There is weekly electronic communication from each classroom teacher, but this may be sent home in your child’s backpack if you request a hard copy.

The School’s eNewsletter is sent to each family every Thursday giving families the most current upcoming week’s information.

Contacting Faculty Members Parents should contact teachers, administrators or office personnel any time they have a question or concern. These staff members all have a voicemail and email and will do their best to return calls within a 24-hour period. No school employees will conduct school business on Shabbat or Sunday. Please do not call teachers at home unless a teacher specifies otherwise, and never on Shabbat. Regarding classroom questions, parents should always contact the teacher before approaching an administrator. As you can see from the flow chart below, most if not all questions or matters regarding teaching and learning can be answered or resolved by communicating directly with your child’s teachers. The K-8 Principal and EC Director are happy to be a resource to you for further clarity.

Email is the usual and acceptable means to communicate any questions with teachers. Sending emails to multiple recipients is not an effective or appropriate form of communication as it can slow down a response time and will often impair the clarity or purpose of the message. Likewise, sending e-blast complaints to multiple or large group listings of parents, faculty, administration or Board members is not only an infringement upon the proprietary information in the Directory, but such behavior is in conflict with the enrollment provision, which expects families to maintain a cooperative mode of communication between home and school. We encourage parents, when using email, to be brief, keep to a neutral tone, and refrain from using all caps . Please refrain from sending email complaints to teachers or staff—the best form of communication for such concerns is to call the School and make an appointment with the appropriate person. Continuous email harassment of faculty or staff -- usually this takes the form of continuous emailing with


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