All School Handbook 2022-2023

Educare, Extended Day Director -

Before and after school care and activities

Support Staff—Whom to Contact & When: Assistant to the Head of School - Scheduling appointments with the Head - Major school event RSVPs -

Inquiries regarding Board members or Board business - Guidance concerning contacts around the school K-8 School Administrative Assistant - School calendar, programming dates and details - K-8 class schedules - Setting-up an appointment with the K-8 Principal Early Childhood Assistant Director - Daily procedures and whom to contact regarding Early Childhood matters

Restrictions on using the Levine Academy Directory, Emails and Address Lists Family and employee email and home addresses are proprietary information, and the use and delivery of the Directory’s information is confidential and intended for School-approved purposes only. Parents are strictly forbidden from using the Directory information for mass email solicitations, or for the promotion of products, services, or political platforms. Any reports or concerns about such behavior or practices should be brought to the attention of the Head of School. Student Communication with Faculty (Including Social Media) For the safety of our children and faculty/staff: - No teacher may “friend” a student or accept a “friend” request from any student through Facebook or any other social media. - All email to/from teachers must go through parent email addresses or via the student’s assigned email accounts (these are established for all middle school students only). - Questions from students regarding school must come to the teacher’s school email. ETHICAL COVENANT The Early Childhood through Eighth Grade Covenant involves parents, teachers and students as partners in making the Ethical Covenant a living document at Levine Academy. The Covenant defines the core values central to our school’s philosophy – responsibility, respect, justice, citizenship, caring, holiness and integrity – and are traits we expect our students, as well as their parents and teachers, to carry with them all their lives. Levine’s Parent-School Covenant is founded on the belief that parents and school must establish and maintain a partnership in all aspects of school life, but especially in the education of the students. This Covenant is designed to strengthen the relationship between parents and the school as well as between parents and their children. Central to Levine’s ethical philosophy is our Nondiscrimination Statement and our Discriminatory Misconduct Policy. This Statement and Policy are listed below; however, further information on our Discriminatory Misconduct Policy, including definitions, examples, reporting and procedures is all spelled out in our K-8 Behavior and Discipline section later in this Handbook.


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