NSBE Strategic Articulation Vision Level DRAFT

VISION SNAPSHOTS // When we want to see it


NSBE member who has gone into their career being named CEO

Nobel Peace Prize/Pulitzer Prize folks

NSBE members out there on networks like CNN giving talks on STEM being those go to persons

Every company, private, public would want to be a sponsor or a board member of NSBE

NSBE representative being that go to person but in a positive light

More engagement by more companies at the university level

Our stakeholders venture capital and technology companies

Getting 10,000 by 2025 and beyond

More NSBE members who are heads of global tech firms that are internationally noticed

Close the gap in the voice of that stakeholder

Every sector would be able to identify a NSBE person. Sitting on boards, sitting in CEO spots, professorial, and administration

Handshaking with world leaders and big decisions that are being made

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