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Pleasure moments! I’m sure you’ll agree that life is sometimes difficult and stressful. I’ve noticed the stress of modern living is often magnified by the media and its expectations associated with the virtual lives of “friends” and celebrities, which can make the cup look half empty instead of half full. I’ve found that the habit of creating pleasure moments is worth cultivating. My family emigrated from Europe and weathered the Depression, served in World War II, and endured both the Korean War and the social unrest of the ‘60s, all while working hard to raise a family. They gave me a solid perspective on perseverance and on the value of carving out pleasure moments in between the ups and downs of life. Growing up, it seemed as if music was always playing, particularly Sinatra, in the background. My parents followed the big bands, and my mom insisted we play an instrument. Our house had a baby grand piano and was strewn with trumpets, guitars, and other instruments we experimented with, driven by Mom insisting that we were cultured. I remember seeing stoic Russians tear up as Vladimir Horowitz returned to Russia in his 80s on a special “CBS Sunday Morning” episode. I marveled at the effect he had on the audience, and it inspired me to restart piano lessons as an adult. I studied with an old taskmaster who revealed to me the beautiful emotion of music. He studied in Paris, chaired a college music department, and taught many professionals, including our own great jazz musician from Emmaus, Keith Jarrett. Some of you may remember Ralph Kemmerer of Allentown. Not all my piano lessons were pleasurable, but his influence inspires me to this day.

2007 London reunion concert called “Celebration Day.” They were in their 60s! Also look up the 2012 “Kennedy Center Honors.” You’ll definitely produce some dopamine! Life can indeed be difficult and stressful at times. However you choose to create pleasure moments, whether it be chatting with an old friend, sharing a good meal, visiting family or friends, reading a good book, taking a walk, enjoying some down time, or doing chores, consider adding music. Even the seven dwarfs whistled while they worked! Play it often, play it loud if you like, and let’s all produce some feel- good hormones !

mention music: that song that brings the pleasure of the past to mind, the one they shared with their partner or children, or the song that makes them feel alive and that they can’t help but dance to! I had a brief conversation with another great jazz legend, Chick Corea, who won 22 Grammys, about Mozart and how he influenced Chick’s music. Neuroscience proves that listening to Mozart improves cognitive brain skills and task performance. Plus, the euphoria of a dopamine release, a feel-good hormone, has been measured by an MRI, as seen in teens at a Beatles’ concert. I remember laying on the floor at home as a kid with my ears between the speakers of the new stereo my parents bought, listening to Led Zeppelin at full volume with my dad saying, “That kid is going to go deaf!” Zeppelin, arguably the greatest rock band in history, blended four indispensable virtuosos who changed music. Search YouTube for their

In knowledge and health,

–Dr. Paul Braadt

Ask any person to name the things that bring them pleasure, and chances are they will

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