Cedar Crest Chiropractic June 2019

Setting some time aside to be with family is important, but it can be difficult when everyone is always on their cellphones. Constant cellphone use has become a global problem, and the habit is hard to break because we rely on mobile devices heavily for work, school, and keeping in contact with friends and family. Luckily, there are plenty of apps that can reduce how often you’re on your phone and minimize distractions. SIEMPO After you install Siempo on your phone, it will ask which apps are likely to distract you. Once you select them, the app will move those apps away from the home screen and place the important ones, such as the messaging, contacts, email, and calendar apps, on the first screen. You can also designate times for specific apps to be used throughout the day. STAY FOCUSED Stay Focused is like Siempo, but there are some significant differences. You can set times to access certain apps and put the most distracting ones on lock. Stay Focused also has a “strict mode” that prevents you from uninstalling it, so be sure to think carefully before activating the lockdown because you won’t have access to those specific apps until the timer runs out. FOREST In the time that Forest takes control of your device for a set time limit, the app starts growing a tree. Once the tree is fully grown, your time is up, and it joins the other trees that were grown during other breaks. If you pick up your phone and try to access an app, Forest will send you a notification asking you if you want to kill your baby tree by giving up. Who says guilt isn’t a good motivator? BESIDES APPS Aside from using these apps, silencing your phone and putting it in another room, leaving it in your car if you’re out at dinner, or keeping it in your purse or back pocket during a social event can also reduce your screen time. Having your phone out of sight and out of reach will keep the temptation of pulling it out at bay. Spending time with your family is crucial, and with these apps and tips, you’ll enjoy each other’s company without too many screen distractions. ENJOY YOUR FAMILY TIME By Taking a Break From Your Phone


“About 35 years ago, I had a stiff neck, and a friend told me about a new chiropractor down the road. I couldn’t imagine what a traditional doctor would do, so I went to Dr. Braadt, and he fixed my neck right away. “Once my problem was corrected, Dr. Braadt sold me on maintenance care. He’s helped both of us get out of pain many times; otherwise, we wouldn’t have continued. What we like about Dr. Braadt and his chiropractic care is that he gets rid of pain without unnecessary drugs and takes time to answer questions and offer explanations.

“We believe in creating a healthy lifestyle, so we use his whole food Standard Process supplements. Even though we’re slowing down at 83 and 86, we have a history of physical activities, like biking, tennis, and softball. Today, we don’t sit around. We still use the treadmill, Bowflex home gym, and yard work to keep our bodies moving. We also keep our minds active with sudoku, reading, and knitting. We’re engaged in living!

Of course, we’ve referred Dr. Braadt to many of our relatives and friends with great results.”

–L. and M.A.

“A friend referred me to Dr. Braadt about 14 years ago. I had been in a serious bus accident while on vacation, and my entire body was traumatized with a lot of pain and no response to medication. Finding Dr. Braadt was one of the best decisions of my life; he glued me back together! “The combination of Dr. Braadt’s competence, positive attitude, and willingness to take the time to explain what’s going on make him unique. We’ve never felt like we’re on a conveyor belt. Even when times were rough, he never gave up on us. We always walked away knowing that we would get better.

“We share his philosophy of creating a healthy lifestyle using his whole food Standard Process supplements. I’m 69, and my husband is 73. We eat at home most of the time and enjoy walking, biking, traveling, and entertaining. Getting adjusted keeps us flexible and pain-free. We believe in monthly maintenance care. Whatever stage of life you’re in, chiropractic care can maximize your health without the risks of unnecessary drugs or surgery.

Because we’ve had such great results, we’ve referred many of our family and friends to Dr. Braadt, and they’re very thankful.”

–P. and M.D.

Thank you for your confidence in me and in chiropractic health care over these many years, and well done for including maintenance care in your health journey. It’s been my honor to know and help you!

–Dr. Paul Braadt




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