Financial Architects - July 2019

JULY 2019


TRANSITIONS The Growth of Our Firm and My Family

Having been at Financial Architects for the past 15 years, I’ve seen my fair share of transition. Reflecting on those early days, it’s hard to believe how far our firm has come. Moving back to the

While my official title may be “chief administrative officer” today, a more accurate title might be “professional problem solver.” On any given day I can be training support team members, fixing computer issues, or developing our internal SOP. Working with Financial Architects, Inc. co-founder, Ken Grace gave me the guidance and support I needed to learn the skills and qualities for a great leader. While my job may not give me the same chance to communicate directly with clients that I had as an assistant, I still enjoy making a difference in people’s lives. The icing on the cake is that no two days are the same — each comes with unique challenges for my team and me to tackle. Now I find myself on the verge of a whole other kind of transition: My eldest son is going off to college. With an 18-year-old and a 5-year-old at home, I really am seeing both ends of the spectrum right now. Going to both a high school and preschool graduation in the same month really drives home how fast kids grow up. Helping my eldest through his senior year has certainly consumed most of my life outside the office. While parenting can certainly be stressful at times, it has also been gratifying to watch my son mature into an adult. Of course, there are a thousand things I worry about as he heads off to college, but I’ve come to terms with the fact that worrying is just part of being a parent.

It starts with worrying if they’ll get a cold or find a way out of their crib. Then, they’re suddenly walking, and you’re constantly afraid of them falling down. Before you know it, they’re off to school, and you’re concerned about whether they’re making friends. Then they’re DRIVING — each milestone comes with its own challenges, but they’re vital stepping stones toward growing up. Looking back, I’m so proud of the man my son has become, and he couldn’t have gotten there without making those leaps. So while I’ll always worry as his mom, I’ve learned to be excited about what the future will bring. I also have the opportunity to face new milestones with my younger son and look forward to the new experiences with him. team members (including myself) now working as a unit to keep our firm running smoothly, it’s clear we’ve grown a lot in the past 15 years I’ve been here. As we change ownership and move toward the future as a company, our foundational principals will continue to guide us. We have an amazing team that is more than prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities this new milestone throws at us. It’s fitting that Financial Architects finds itself transitioning as well. With 10 support

Detroit area after working four years in Virginia Beach for MassMutual, I joined a Financial Architects that definitely looked different back then. With only seven Architects and four of us on the support team at the time, it’s hard to believe how far we’ve come. My own position and responsibilities certainly evolved along the way. Starting out as Turner Thompson’s personal assistant, I had to be adaptable from the very beginning — answering emails, fielding calls, and doing just about anything else Turner needed to be done. Turner’s mentorship early on became foundational and truly provided the pillars that groomed me for success with the rest of my career. Eventually, I became Pat Marody’s assistant as well, and between the two, I got a real bird’s eye view of the firm’s operations. Slowly but surely, I got to know just about every angle of the business. It became clear to me that working as a team with truly kindhearted people with aligned goals and a focus on helping people is what it is all about!

And I, for one, am excited about the future.

–Kristi Laporte



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