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The Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

the morning, I make sure nice music is on, their lunches are ready, and there is a cozy fire radiating in the background, inviting us to sit and warm our backs. I intentionally try to have my family wake up in a gracious, warm home before they hit the streets of a sometimes cold and hard real world. If you have a wood-burning fireplace you don’t use enough or think you might be interested in an elegantly appointed gas stove to transform your sterile basement/bonus room into comfy and plush living area, we can help.

Cozy … it’s the feeling of a movie night ending and nobody wanting to move or a snoozing puppy snuggled up with their human hero dreaming of long walks and yummy treats. Adding the ambiance of a toasty gas fireplace is an excellent choice to bring the family together and warm central rooms, which allows you to turn the heat down on your thermostat. Yes, your “cozier than the neighbor’s” living room can even save you money. By the way, my wife took this picture of Trixie and me in deep slumber around midnight in our living room. We switched from a wood to gas fireplace two years ago. Our professional and clean Texas-licensed plumbers drilled the brick and piped a 25-foot gas line with no problem; it was just a normal day at the office, another diligent day’s work.

Have questions? Send us a picture or give us a holler. We are here for you.

Warm wishes from our family to yours,

Jeff, Amy, Izzy, Annie, Mari, Trixie, Paka, Luna, Buckshot, Cali, and Gingie

We absolutely love the magnetic attraction of the living room on cold, dreary days. When my wife and three daughters get up for school in


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