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How to Find the Perfect Sitter for Your Family

Finding the perfect babysitter can be daunting. But as most parents know, sitters are a necessity. Here are some tips to help you find the best sitter for your family. Many people turn to family friends or neighbors to find a trusted sitter, but searching for a candidate online is also a great option. No matter where you look, you should start by creating a short list of potential caregivers and screening them for your family’s needs. Review their experience, education, certifications, and hourly rate. If you have online candidates, you can read parent reviews to get a better idea of a sitter’s performance and personality. Make sure to run a basic background check on each candidate. Next, check out your potential sitter’s references. Online profiles almost always require them, so don’t be afraid to reach out. Call their references and check your sitter’s other social media profiles to learn more about their personality and hobbies. Finally, run an enhanced background check through your local police department or through a private online service.

Once you have compiled a list of candidates, it’s time to

conduct interviews. When communicating with candidates you don’t know, remember not to give out too much personal information. Set up phone interviews for the first round, and if you like the candidate, set up an in-person interview in a public place. Your questions should be geared toward your lifestyle and the expectations you have for a sitter. Make sure you’re on the same page about job specifics, discipline, and responsibilities. If you’re still sold on the candidate after the in-person interview, consider introducing them to your kids to get their opinion on the sitter. Once you’ve decided on the perfect babysitter, make sure to monitor the relationship and ask your sitter and child open and upfront questions after every session. The most important thing to remember is that your sitter must be compatible with the needs of your family. Sometimes, you learn that a perfect candidate is not the right fit for your family. But that’s okay! Once you’ve gone through the process once, finding another sitter will be a breeze.


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