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April 2019

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Celebrating The Return of Baseball Season Hello, Spring!

W hile snow and slush are rarely a concern here in Southern California, the return of spring is still a cause for celebration. Specifically, in my family, springtime means the return of some of our favorite outdoor activities, like baseball and softball. The local Loma Linda University Church softball league was an important part of my childhood. I began playing when I was 7 years old, and I continued with the sport through high school. When I grew tall enough, I played first base. Besides keeping me active and outside, softball also helped me cultivate great friendships and gain valuable life skills. My son has been playing infield in his baseball league for the past four years, and I’ve enjoyed reliving memories from my time in youth athletics as he grows and learns in the sport. He’s come a long way from the little tike drawing faces in the dirt during games. I’m grateful that baseball is teaching my son the same valuable life lessons sports taught me. Standing in the batter’s box or winding up to throw the next pitch can be stressful, especially as the whole audience watches. It takes practice to learn how to clear your mind and keep your nerves from getting the better of you. Working together as a team to overcome adversity is another valuable lesson players learn on the baseball diamond. It’s heartwarming to see that my son and his teammates are learning to cheer each other on when they do well and cheer one another up when they make mistakes. Team sport athletes learn that fault and praise shouldn’t land solely on the shoulders of one player. Instead, wins and losses come as the result of the team’s efforts.

I’m grateful that baseball is teaching my son the same valuable life lessons sports taught me.

At Highland Springs Dental Care, we understand you want to keep your little slugger, linebacker, or free-throw shooter safe while they play sports. Our team offers solutions for families with children who have a hankering for contact sports. We can fit your child for a fun, protective Sportsguard! These handy devices keep their smiles safe, and they come in a variety of colors as well.

So, from our Highland Springs Dental Care team to yours, have a wonderful spring! We can’t wait to hear all about your adventures. God bless.

–Dr. Jessica Sabo



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