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May is here, and it’s finally beginning to actually feel like

great memories. Watching our kids play in the sand and surf just like we used to really gives St. Pete a sense of timelessness. This year, it was just Emilie, the boys, and me, so we were free to do a little more adventuring. We rode on a banana boat, one of those inflatable water sleds that is towed behind a jet ski. My sons had a great time bouncing around on the waves, but let me tell you, getting a face full of salt water stings! Luckily, Emilie and I weren’t as sore the next day as we thought we were going to be.

trying to flee the cold Chicago weather as well, because there were plenty of Cubs hats in the crowd. Thankfully, I’ve been to enough of these theme parks to know that the memories of the long wait times fade, leaving you with just the good stuff. We did both the Test Track and Soaring rides while at Epcot and had a blast! Both rides are incredibly immersive. Soaring really makes you feel like you’re flying over the Great Wall of China, so I don’t recommend it if you have a fear of heights. And of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Epcot without walking around to the various cultural-themed pavilions and eating great food. The day we were there, we had lunch in “Germany” and dinner in “China.” All in all, it was a great trip. We fit in some much-needed family time and made plenty of memories. We’re incredibly lucky to be able to continue this long-standing family tradition. We know many of our readers are jet-setters, so if you have a favorite vacation spot or a fun story from your travels, let us know! And here’s to the return of sunny weather right here at home! –Mike Ulmer

spring. When the family and I got back from our vacation last month, we were “welcomed” by the cold, windy April weather before our plane even landed. It was one of those bumpy touchdowns that makes you really appreciate your pilot. As nice as it is to be home, we missed the Florida sunshine almost immediately. Every year, we Ulmers go down to St. Pete Beach for the kids’ spring break. It’s a great chance to spend quality time together as a family and soak up some much- needed vitamin D. But beyond being our annual dose of R and R, the trip to St. Pete has become a family tradition. You see, my family has been visiting the same stretch of Florida coastline since I was a teenager. We even stay at the same hotel. Admittedly, I took a break from the vacations during the early years of the practice. But as soon as the kids were old enough, we loaded up the car and made the 18-hour drive down to St. Pete, reviving the family trip my parents started. Our extended family joins us down there about every other year. It’s great to reconnect with relatives in a place where we all have such


While we’re in Florida, we try to make it to one of the famous amusement parks for a day. We did Disney World and Universal Studios in the past, but this year was our first time going to Epcot. Unfortunately, a lot of other families on spring break had the same idea. Whether for rides or food, the lines at the park were incredibly long. Plenty of families must have been | 1

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