The Secret Billion-Dollar Industry

by Chantelle Owens, Georgia Tax Lien

B y far, tax liens are the lowest point of entry into real estate. Between my students, team, and me, we have seen well over 100 properties purchased below $10,000 — all worth at least $40,000-$120, 000 as-is. Tax liens make real estate affordable and real estate investing possible for everyday people. In 2009, I fulfilled my vow and began investing in tax liens. My first tax lien purchase was for a 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom home on a full basement. I paid $2,400 for that property, which was worth $60,000 at the time. It is now worth $180,000 and earns $30,000 per year as a short-term rental. Tax liens helped me create financial freedom and generational wealth in one of the worst financial markets in history. Now, my team and I help others do the same. Tax liens are an investing anomaly—low risk with high yield. So how can you take advantage of the Secret Billion Dollar Industry? Tax liens are basically a debt owed to a local taxing authority, such as a county, for unpaid property taxes. In Georgia, the county is automatically awarded a default judgment for any property taxes owed and not paid in the previous year. The county can then take that judgment and file it with the Clerk of Court where it becomes a FiFa, a legal instrument

through garnishment or levy. The FiFa is then filed in the County Deed Records where it officially becomes a tax lien. And since the county needs money to function, it can now sell the recorded tax lien at public auction to the highest bidder who receives either a tax lien certificate, a tax deed, or a redeemable tax deed depending on the state in which they purchased. While tax lien investing is very lucrative for many investors, it can be an extremely tricky path to follow if you don’t educate yourself properly. We have seen many people on the courthouse steps waste hundreds of thousands of dollars on parcels they thought contained a dwelling, only to find they had purchased a small unusable strip of land next to the property they actually meant to purchase. However, many seasoned investors make the mistake of believing they can transfer their current real estate knowledge and skill set to tax lien investing. This is just not the case. Be sure to properly educate yourself before investing in tax liens. Invest in a mentor or educational platform, like GA Tax Lien Bootcamp. We guide our students step-by step with our proprietary D.D.O.E Method. Not only do we teach new investors, seasoned investors, and real estate agents how to confidently invest in tax liens, we teach them how to compete against the big boys

and win. Although we are located in Georgia, we have many students from across the US that attend our boot camps and use the information gained to invest in other states. We pride ourselves on giving more value than expected which is why our free* and low-cost Introductory GA Tax Lien Bootcamps give a robust amount of information. We cover the why and what of tax liens and even host a mock auction so students can gain insight to the bidding process. Our advanced boot camps cover HOW to safely and confidently invest in tax liens, which includes how to conduct due diligence, how to calculate maximum bid amounts, redemption calculations, property conditions, rehab estimation, neighborhood classification, bidding techniques, and much more. Ultimately, our mission is to help one thousand families be able to take advantage of the Secret Billion Dollar Industry of tax lien investing to create financial freedom and generational wealth. In one of the worst financial markets in history, tax liens helped to create financial freedom for many investors. With the impending downturn, we believe now is the time to put yourself in a position to take advantage of this very lucrative industry. • GATax Lien Bootcamp is here to guide youwhen you’re ready. *Subject to change without notification .

allowing for the collection or enforcement of the judgment


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