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MAR 2019

It’s the final countdown — in more ways than one. March Madness comes to Missouri this month for two preliminary NCAA games. Are you planning to see either of them? Even just catching them on TV is plenty exciting.The tournament should make for a fun month! In the world of taxes, we’re gearing up for the busiest time of the year. With about a month to go until tax time, it really is March Madness for us.This time of year, we feel like we’re in a tournament of our own — each step we take to help you prepare your taxes gets us closer to the Final Four. It’s go time for us! It doesn’t have to be “madness” for you this month, though. On your side of things, you may have already completed the tax prep that allows us to file your taxes. You’ve likely gathered your documents — like W2s and receipts — and turned them over to us. For those of you who have passed everything on to us and have your taxes in order, it might be time to celebrate! Sit back and enjoy the real tournament on TV. You can also think about engaging in some spring-cleaning. How great would it feel to have that extra room finally converted into an office? Any of you who have seen Marie Kondo’s Netflix special (or read her book) have an idea of the joy that deep cleaning, and especially THE FINAL COUNTDOWN

organizing, can spark. Is that spare closet full of old coats really living up to its potential? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually park the car in the garage? Beginning to sort through and decide which items are staying and which can be donated is an important first step to finding more space, both mentally and physically. As far as tax documents and other items you regularly keep on file, one of the best ways you can keep them in order year-round is to have a designated space for them. Maybe it’s a whole file cabinet; maybe it’s just a drawer — whatever makes sense to you. Use labels and designated spots for each category. Receipts and previous statements can likely be organized in their own folders or files since the IRS suggests keeping these documents for three years. Don’t

forget: when you make a charitable donation, hang onto your receipt so you can include it in your 2019 deductions. Once you’ve sorted through your home, we’ll be ready to help you with spring- cleaning during Shred Day 2019.There’s nothing like purging those outdated documents and getting your office looking clean again, is there? Make like Marie Kondo and embrace the joy of spring. Join us on April 27 from 10 am to 12:30 p.m for Shred Day 2019. Like last year, we’ll be ready for you with the shred truck and snacks; all you have to bring is your outdated documents for secure shredding. We look forward to seeing you here! Until then, have a happy March! -Jeff and John Zufall

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