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Make Your 2020 Resolution Count By Reaching Your Goals One Step at a Time

Do you have a great New Year’s resolution? Did it already bust? If so, don’t worry. All it takes to get back on track is reevaluating your mindset. It’s easy to quit on your resolution early in the year, but if you do, you’re keeping yourself from reaching your true potential. Regardless of your resolution, if you want to hold yourself to your goals, start the year off right with this actionable perspective. Establish small goals that build up to your larger New Year’s resolution. You can’t be an Olympic-level athlete overnight, so you need to break everything down step by step and hold yourself accountable in order to progress. If you stumble along the way, don’t give up. Every day is a new day that has the potential to get you closer to your goals. And remember, you can have goals for all areas of your life, including your personal, professional, and family life. Our New Year’s resolution is to declutter and organize the house. When my husband and I get home, the last thing we want to think about is everything that needs to be done. We wouldn’t just tackle the entire house in a weekend. It’s not realistic, and we wouldn’t be spending the time necessary to properly organize everything. Set up a timeline with monthly goals for yourself and revisit them to see what you’ve accomplished. Sometimes tasks can get pushed back, so this is a great way to keep you on track. For instance, I have a bunco party coming up in February, so my goal is to have the house presentable and our living room completely organized. I set up a timeline that outlines which rooms need to be addressed first, and the living room is one of the first. Be realistic with yourself about the time you have to dedicate to a smaller task. If I have a whole day free, I will tackle a room. But if I only have a few hours, I’ll address a few cabinets. We have five kids, “Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail. Celebrate those small wins and the steps you’re taking every day.”

so we often stuff mail and miscellaneous items into all the nooks and crannies. So, depending on the cabinet or closet, it can take a couple of hours to clean. Just start small and make sure the task or goal is attainable. When I think about this, I’m reminded of the saying, “You can do anything but not everything.” It helps me put things into perspective. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail. Celebrate those small wins and the steps you’re taking every day. Even if that step or win was half of a goal, celebrate and plan for the next half. Regardless of your resolution, with an outline and a little organization, you can accomplish anything. Happy New Year!

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