City Lights Dec. 2016

DeSoto City Lights December, 2016 A Publication of the City of DeSoto Community Relations Department You Can Now Resolve Trafϔic Citations Through a Video Conference Court Appearance Persons who have received traffic citaƟons from the DeSoto Police Department are now able to resolve those citaƟons through a video conference court appearance, Municipal Court Manager Jeremy Leonard announced recently. “We have tested our system over the past several months and are ready to publicize this new iniƟaƟve that will make it far more convenient for defendants to resolve their traffic citaƟons with the DeSoto Municipal Court.” Judge Kurth holds an E‐Court docket each day at 11:00 am (except for the 4 th Wednesday of the month). According to Leonard, the process is very user friendly: simply go to the Court’s website at and click on VIDEO CONFERENCE THE JUDGE for instrucƟons on how E‐Court works and what opƟons are available to you on E‐Court. When you are ready to meet with the Judge using E‐Court, you will go to hƩps:// where you will be asked to download the “zoom” app. Once the app is downloaded to your pc or mobile device, you will type in the meeƟng ID 582‐661‐129 that will immediately establish a video conference with Judge Kurth. The enormous potenƟal of this new program was seen during the tesƟng period wherein 13% of all of the court’s cases were resolved via the E‐Court opƟon. The expectaƟon is for this number to grow significantly in the coming months because of

the convenience and efficiency it offers ciƟzens. Judge Kurth has had defendants video conference from South Dakota, California and Mississippi as well as Dallas, Carrollton and Houston. Many defendants have been able to resolve their cases without the need to take off work and physically come to the courthouse. The video conference can be done through any computer or mobile device that is equipped with a camera that has a built in microphone

as well as speakers to hear what the Judge is saying back to you. Your device also will need access to a stable internet connecƟon with the ability to send and receive emails. Following the E‐Court appearance, the clerks of the Municipal Court will email a link to the defendant. When the defendant clicks on this link, it will route them to the judgment that has been prepared for the defendant to sign. Once the defendant signs the judgment using their mouse or finger (on touchscreens), the document is automaƟcally routed back to the court where it will be filed on

the defendant’s case. The defendant is also emailed a final copy of the signed judgment for their records. “The process is very smooth and efficient, and we are very excited to be among the very first Texas courts to offer this opƟon to our ciƟzens,” said Leonard. Judge Kurth has already successfully employed video conferencing to speed up the process of geƫng arrest and search warrants signed and issued and to conduct the magistrate hearings at the Tri‐City Jail in DeSoto. The Court’s E‐Court docket is the next phase in this important project to make access to the Municipal Court more convenient for ciƟzens.

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