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SIMPLE AND DIRECT Why We Are Starting a Newsletter

N othing gets me to work that, but we also realize we are part of a larger team whether we share an office or not. Would you agree? This seems to be especially important in the medical field. faster than knowing I could make someone’s day better. How about you? Not only In the medical field, we are all working together, no matter what we are: the referral coordinator, the patient, the physician and their assistants, the therapist, or the orthotic and prosthetic team. Moreover, where would we be without the help that nurses provide? We are perhaps more connected than what the surface shows or we realize each day.


matter to everyone. Therapists, nurses, physicians, physician assistants, and many other medical professionals have their hands in helping patients either acquire or apply their prostheses or braces on a routine basis. If you follow us along, we can help you improve patient care with some simple tips and tricks. True, we cannot treat people with this newsletter, but you will have some great stories that you can share, which can potentially help you help your patients!

But first, why should you trust us to inform you on this topic? Great question.

MAR 2020

I’m Daniel Rinella, owner of Rinella Prosthetics and Orthotics, and I’ve seen a lot in my last 17 years of patient care. I will tell you that there is value in the prosthesis or orthotic brace, but a lot of value also comes from applying the prosthesis or brace to the person. Medical professionals help patients put on prostheses or

Hello, you’re reading the very first edition of our newsletter! The reasons why we wrote this newsletter series are manifold. Don’t worry,

try to fix braces in nursing home or hospital settings every day. Therefore, knowing when a patient might be in trouble can go a long way! In this article and future articles, I will illustrate some simple points that

we are not here to shout about our service. Gosh,

no! Rather, we created this newsletter to inform you on certain topics that affect patients and medical professionals who are reading this and future issues.

will change the way you think about prosthetics and orthotics in simple, direct language. No need

You will be shocked at what you learn from this down-to-earth newsletter. We put it all in simple language. For the

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to get super complicated!

medical professionals reading this, you can take all the credit if you want, when you become your patient’s new hero! (For the third, maybe fourth time.) Little is published and distributed on prosthetics and orthotics. But we know in our gut when we all see people wearing a prosthesis or brace absolutely wrong, like a knee brace that slips down around a patient’s lower leg (which happens all the time!). Many medical professionals reading this have seen one of those “turtle shell braces” that basically choke patients, right? Or, how about a patient with their collar on so poorly that it is engulfing their head instead of supporting their cervical spine! So, we thought we should help shed some light on topics that actually

I hold a master’s degree in prosthetics and orthotics and graduated from Northwestern Medical School and the University of Hartford. This newsletter will be a great asset to you moving forward, even if you are indirectly affiliated with the field.

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Have a wonderful March, friends.


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