The personal narrative, The Pain I Dealt With , reveals the inner turmoil of a student who shares the loss of his beloved grandfather. He can relate his pain to the audience with descriptive detail. Moving to Texas is another personal narrative where the student imparts his memories of a life- changing event he still grapples with today. The impact of this transition of his life is evident in the disclosing of this memory. Marco Rodriguez, Fifth and Sixth Grade Language Arts Teacher

The Pain I Dealt With By Zach Ingham, Fifth Grade

In the spring of 2015, my grandmother died.

The day is Tuesday; I’m coming home from school. My dad is frowning. “What’s wrong?” I asked. My dad grimaced, “Something sad has happened. Your grandmother has…” I interrupted him with a chorus of screaming and crying. I knew what had happened. My grandmother had died. She had been sick with lung cancer for just a few months. The car ride home was loud with wailing and sobbing. When I got home, my entire extended family was there. I had never seen my uncles, any of them, this sad. Their heads hung down in grief. About a week later, I was entering the terminal to board the plane bound for Nashville, where the funeral was to be held. It was a long flight, even from Dallas to Nashville, which would normally be an hour and forty-minute flight. But to me, it felt like fourteen hours. I arrived and ended up at the Embassy Suites. I anxiously waited for the funeral, which was in two days. It finally came, and I drove to the synagogue. It was a long ceremony, but that was okay because I knew I needed to honor her memory. After the funeral, I flew back to Dallas, and I cried into my pillow night after night. I isolated myself from my friends and family. I was asked by my mom to express my feelings, and so I did. I told her that I could not go a day in school without crying, and sometimes I really hurt so much. Telling her made all the difference. And that is why I don’t isolate myself as I did. Whenever you find yourself in deep despair, just tell somebody; trust me, it really does help.

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