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Where Sci ence and A r t Become One

Written by Gina Hayek

As Alber t Einstein once said, ?The greatest scientists are ar tists as well.? A year ago, senior s Hallie Frohn and Amiah DeWolf were given the oppor tunity to create a science themed ar t installation ever y month. Biology, chemistr y and Pr inciples of the Ear th teacher, Mr s. Elizabeth Siepker, came up with the idea. ?I just thought it up one day and presented the idea to my homebase class,? she said ?Hallie and Amiah volunteered to do it, and we went on from there.? When it came to creating the fir st project, Frohn and DeWolf br ainstormed ideas and did some research. ?We eventually decided to do our fir st one based on plastic in the ocean.?said Frohn. After they researched and retr ieved all needed information, it was time to star t creating. ?We decided to make an infogr aphic of planet ear th, but the blue ocean par t would be made out of different types of plastic.? DeWolf shared.

Hallie Frohn (12) & Amiah DeWolf (12) pose with their March display about r ainbows.

The girls weren?t the only ones who enjoyed this project, ?I loved watching the creativity and ideas they came up with.? said Mr s. Siepker. Because they all had so much fun making that [the fir st display], they decided to make it a monthly tr adition. ?Gener ally, ever y month we br ainstorm ideas,? said Mr s. Siepker. ?They tell me their idea, and then they get star ted.? Frohn and DeWolf have continued the tr adition since. Unfor tunately, Frohn and DeWolf are senior s and will not be able to continue making the displays next year. If any student is interested in continuing the display, please contact Mr s. Siepker.

Written by Dana T heus Junior David Meinecke qualified for All- State Speech this year held at the UNI Dome in Cedar Falls. He went for his improvisation piece where he chose a situation and a char acter and then made a stor yline out of it. His situation was tr ying to open a door that won?t open and the char acter s were a bearded lady and a delinquent. The feedback he received was that he should tr y to take a different approach to his improv and step outside of the box by maybe doing a dr amatic piece since Meinecke?s pieces usually get a little cr azy at the end. Meinecke stated, ?My favor ite thing about Speech is the performing. I love just getting up in front of a crowd and doing what I do.?

David Meinecke

Team 7646 Written by Hallie Frohn

Er ic Tr autsch (senior), Tyrone Gr ant (junior), and Nik Knobloch (junior) are member s of the new Crestwood Robotics Club. The club star ted when ?Mr. Ihns sent Mr. Knobloch an email about the robotics information and we kind of r an with it,? stated Tr autsch. The club began meeting early in Januar y of 2019. The team fir st worked on building the robot using a kit, but mostly from scr atch. The team figured out what they were good at in the fir st few days. ?We all kind of do a little bit of ever ything, but we each have our own special skills,?commented Knobloch who was a key component in building, CAD (computer aided design), and dr iving the robot dur ing competition. Gr ant, who also assisted in building, electr ical wir ing, pneumatics (the mechanical proper ties of gas), and CAD, explained, ?CAD is essentially a model of the robot on the computer.? Tr autsch wrote the entire code for the robot to move and function with Java.

Team 7646's robot they built mostly from scr atch.

The team competed in one competition this year at UNI which took place March 21- 23. The challenge, which differ s each year, was Explor ation Deep Space, which included mock rocket ships and car go por ts. In competition, the teams work together in an ?alliance? of two teams. Dur ing the fir st two mor nings of competition, each team competes in qualification matches to be paired with teams in the alliance. Tr autsch commented, ?You work together with the other teams. You can choose where to put your robot, and it's a lot of str ategy.?Those two teams work against their opponents to score the most points.

Team 7646 aligns with another team.

Gr ant commented, ?We focused on hatch panels, which are round discs that you would put on a rocketship to hold in the car go to score points.? Being new at the competition, the team had no idea what to expect. ?There was so much hype there,? the team agreed. Tr autsch stated, ?Ever yone is excited to be there and even in the stands, people were so loud.? The team recalled the days dur ing competition being ver y stressful yet fun. The Crestwood Robotics Club was one of for ty- eight teams competing at UNI, and they ended up placing nineteenth over all. For the future, the team is looking for member s within junior high and high school. Gr ant stated, ?Hopefully we can get kids before high school interested so that way when they do come to the high school, they can join the club.? Students do not need a


Tyrone Gr ant (leaning over), Nik Knobloch, & Er ic Tr autsch dur ing the Robotics Competition held in March. strong background in robotics or progr amming to join the club, as it is a hands- on oppor tunity. The club is also looking for new team member s to focus on adver tising and communications as an oppor tunity to speak to the community and business owner s. Knobloch explained, ?It?s a cr azy exper ience and getting any new member s to go to a competition and see what it?s like could help get a lot of interest.?

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