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DEC 2019


What My Mom Taught Me About Celebrating the Holidays MORE THAN A CHRISTMAS PARTY

Christmas will always remind me of my mom. Every Christmas Eve, she would open up our home to all our friends, family, and neighbors. It became the event of the year; our house would always be bursting with joy, laughter, and festivities no matter what. To this day, I’m transported back to those parties on Dec. 24 in a house with everyone we loved and mounds of wonderful food.

example, she wants to book a hotel room the night before Thanksgiving on a street where the

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will travel. Of course, this is a very popular thing to do, but it would be fun to try one year!

I’d give anything to be at that party with my mom again.

It’s amazing how you remember people. My sister, Donna, and my wife are compiling my mom’s recipes into a cookbook, and, looking back, I realize many of these recipes have memories attached to them. Without a doubt, my mom’s stuffing and her homemade cranberry relish were the most sought after on the holiday table. To this day, I know the canned and boxed stuff will never compare. In today’s busy world, where families are eating as they run out the door or in front of the TV, the holidays are a special time to enjoy a meal at the table with those you love. Food is the great equalizer, and it can transport me back to any holiday. My wife and I come from similar families. We have big families who value time spent together. We both have fond memories of the holidays, but it also reminds us that the holidays can be a strange mix of joy and sadness. We don’t take people in our lives for granted, and we spend each holiday with our family. Our patients mean the world to us at Sandoz Chiropractic Center! In honor of your commitment to us and your spinal health, we are offering 25% off any purchase of our supplements, creams, and DME supplies. These make great Christmas gifts for your loved ones! My wife has this bucket list of sorts, and included on this list are a few traditions or holiday memories she hopes to make with our family. For

One tradition my parents started each Christmas season was taking my siblings and me to the movies. It’s something so

simple, but I still remember the trips to the theater with my family and talking their ear off about what we saw afterward. My parents continued this with my children, and I can still see my kids talking to their grandparents about what they saw. This year, some of my older grandkids will be visiting, and we plan to see the latest “Star Wars”movie. I can’t wait to hear what they think. I feel incredibly blessed to be surrounded by so many people I consider family. I’m proud to say that my patients and work families also make up this group. When you have been treating patients for more than 40 years, you develop relationships that mean a lot to you. It doesn’t even become work anymore when you treat people with genuine love and consideration. My patients and staff mean more to me than they could possibly ever know. My holiday celebrations may have evolved over the years, but there’s one thing that has never changed. It’s what my mom taught me every year as she welcomed more and more people into our home: Christmas is all about the love of a family.

And thanks to all of you, I’m blessed with one large family.

Have a wonderful holiday season!


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