2017-2018: UK Annual Review

WE makes doing good, doable.

A note from our Founders

Welcome to a transformative year for WE! 2017-2018 has been a year of amazing growth and sustainability forWE.Thanks to the unwavering support and dedication of our family of passionate supporters, ambassadors, donors, volunteers, board of directors and staff, the WE movement continues to grow beyond anything we dreamed possible. With 3.8 million young people in more than 16,000 schools in the UK, Canada and the U.S., we are truly inspired by where we are today and what we hope to accomplish in the future. Internationally,WE had many notable accomplishments this year. In East Africa we celebrated the first surgery at Baraka Hospital and began an exciting partnership with communities in Ethiopia. In March, we held our fifth WE Day UK at The SSE Arena, Wembley, where 12,000 young people from all four corners of the UK came together all eager to celebrate their collective social actions and continue to be further inspired by truly amazing stories of change. We opened the doors to our new global headquarters at the WE Global Learning Center in Toronto, Canada. The 43,000-square-foot heritage-certified building

is an innovative hub that is transforming and scaling our effectiveness as an organisation. Its world-class technology will enable students and teachers from across the world to take their world-changing ideas to the next level. As we look forward to even more developments, we’re excited to expand our digital programming to enable students to access inspirational modules and workshops delivered through our WE Schools programme. For our dedicated network of teachers, we will offer formal professional learning for the first time in the UK, enabling them to get the most from WE Schools, empowering each one to have a positive impact on their students, communities and the wider world. WE is empowering change with sustainable impact, demonstrating that there is so much more that unites us than divides us.Whether at home, school or work, thank you for joining us. We look forward to sharing many new life-changing adventures and world-changing programmes to come in 2018-2019. Together we change the world,

Craig Kielburger

Marc Kielburger


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

A note from our chair of the UK Board of Directors

Dear WE friends and supporters, On behalf of WE’s UK Board of Directors, who work tirelessly to share knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm, we are proud to report another year of innovative local and global change through the WE movement. These sustainable impacts are made possible by the steadfast support of people like you, who are committed to making a real difference in the world. This past year we continued to inspire positive social impact, and our reach is growing as we build a global movement for social action, social change and global citizenship. With the opening of our new global headquarters, the WE Global Learning Center, this has become a global hub for social action and youth empowerment. Through world-class technology, we have been able to revolutionise the way we teach and engage the leaders of tomorrow both here in the UK and globally. The facility also gives UK students the unique opportunity of being able to connect virtually with other young people from across the world and learn from their experiences and be inspired to make deeper impacts. This year, students from over 4,000 participating schools across the length and breadth of the UK donated their time and talents to causes close to their hearts.Through the WE Schools programme, young people across the UK volunteered a total of 864,082 hours, creating a remarkable social impact value of £20,858,930 from volunteering alone. To me, this proves the commitment of our young people to building a better future for themselves and others, especially in this uncertain world. Internationally, Ethiopia has become the ninth WE Villages partner country. Through its holistic approach

to sustainable development, this programme continues to help families break the cycle of poverty. WE’s Board of Directors is a passionate and highly engaged group who are grateful to be part of this special movement. Governance is our priority, and we take our roles and responsibilities very seriously. Our board of leaders, activists and humanitarians is committed to strengthening the work WE has done so far, and working tirelessly so that WE can achieve its ambitious goals with integrity and respect for everyone who supports this incredible movement dedicated to change at home, abroad and within each and every one of us. Looking forward to the year ahead, I cannot wait to see the WE movement continue to flourish, as we expand our WE Schools programme into harder to reach areas of the UK and launch new and exciting programme enhancements for teachers. Thank you for a tremendous year, and for all your support and enthusiasm to support the work and vision of WE Charity to make the world a better place.We are profoundly grateful. Together, we’re making a difference.

Lord Rumi Verjee Chair, UK Board of Directors


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

makes doing good, doable.


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

that believes when we come together, we can create an even better world. WE is a movement...

Through domestic programmes like WE Schools and internationally through WE Villages, WE Charity empowers change with resources that create a sustainable impact. WE makes it easy for anyone to get involved by offering resources to help students, families and businesses create positive social change in their communities and around the world.

Table of contents

ABOUT WE 6 Why we are different 7 Our team 8 Where we work 26 Annual financials

DOMESTIC 10 2017-2018 domestic highlights 14 WE Schools 16 WE Day 18 Welcome to the WE Global Learning Center

INTERNATIONAL 20 2017-2018 international highlights 22 WE Villages 24 Pillars of Impact

PARTNERS AND SUPPORTERS 28 Board of Directors 28 WE Day UK Co-Chairs 29 UK partners and supporters 30 Celebrity ambassadors


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

Why we are different

Our model: At home and abroad

WE Charity is unique in that it operates programmes both domestically through WE Schools and internationally through WE Villages. Our mandate is to help children and young people fulfil their potential as agents of change with resources that create sustainable impact.

Transform communities

Develop inspired agents of change committed to addressing social problems at home and around the world

Educate and empower young people

Equip communities with the core skills and opportunities to succeed

Remove barriers to success

Create conditions that facilitate positive development


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

The WE Charity team is a family of shameless idealists and social entrepreneurs committed to shaping a world where everything is possible. Our team

Our team is made up of young professionals who are united by the belief that you can never be too young to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Each member has a passion and commitment to making the world a better place. From our tireless staff and volunteers to our incredible donors, board of directors and celebrity ambassadors, our team lives by a shared set of values that keep us moving forward.


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

Where we work Our impact has local and global reach. We empower people at home and abroad with the tools and resources to lead meaningful change.

Canada and the U.S.



Trinidad and Tobago

Sierra Leone



WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

WE Schools and WE Day regions

WE Villages countries


Rural China






WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

2017-2018 domestic highlights Domestic Programming It has been an incredible year of progress, milestones and new beginnings for WE Charity.

WE Walk For Water On 27 April, schools from across the UK and North America joined forces for WE Walk For Water, our first-ever global fundraising event.With buckets and signs in hand, thousands of students took to the streets to walk and raise money for access to clean water through our WE Villages development model.With every £15 donation, one person received access to clean water for life—helping girls attend school, parents grow sustainable crops and families lead healthier lives.


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

WEconomy WEconomy , the new book co-authored by Craig Kielburger,Holly Branson andMarc Kielburger, is an extraordinary guide to today’s new business world. With business strategies from Oprah Winfrey and Sir Richard Branson, and a foreword written by Sheryl Sandberg, WEconomy helps readers discover how they can find meaning, make a living and change the world.

Fifth WE Day UK On 7 March, the fifth WE Day UK energized an audience of 12,000 passionate young people at The SSE Arena, Wembley, all eager to celebrate shaping a stronger future for themselves and others. “Generation WE” was the theme of the day, with young community change-makers stepping into the spotlight alongside renowned speakers and performers such as Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, Lily Collins, Katie Piper, Tokio Myers, Alexandra Burke and many more, all there to celebrate the power young people have to change the world.


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

Fishing for plastic

One London school is cleaning up the Thames—and inspiring change in their community.

One school’s journey beyond WE Day Canary Wharf College* in the East End of London, is bursting with committed and compassionate change- makers. The students are cleaning up the river—plastic fishing, as they call it. Their primary school, in the East End London community of the Isle of Dogs, sits next to the Thames. Its 280 students walk to school along the river each day, bearing witness to the plastic washing up on its shores. The boat they ride in, dubbed Poly-Mer in a nod to its materials, was made by an environmental charity from 99 per cent recycled plastic—the first of its kind in the world.The 9,000 bottles that went into its construction are proof that the plastic the students find can be put to good use, instead of being left to pollute the river and endanger wildlife. For students at Canary Wharf College, the river is an everyday feature of their lives; they learn to sail in its calm waters and stare out at it from their bedrooms.

Their bond with it is the motivation behind their action plan: preserve what you love. “The river is my neighbour,”explains eight-year-oldWE club member Celia. “It’s part of my home and I love it […] But we need to help it and the animals.” Chloe Hebburn, the teacher leading the WE club, is quick to point out that the project is entirely student driven. At their monthly WE club meetings, students bring issues from their lives, ideas they’ve come up with in classes or projects they want to lead. “We give them a lot of freedom […] and have found that they are problem solvers,” she explains proudly. “We’re there to support them, but they lead the way.” WE Schools is just the beginning for these young leaders; they mean to make a mark on this world, and they mean to do it together. TO READ OTHER STORIES OF IMPACT, VISIT WE.org/stories/uk-students-clean-up-river-thames.


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

* Canary Wharf College have been participating in the Team London Young Ambassadors (TLYA) programme since 2015. TLYA is the Mayor’s school volunteering programme which connects young Londoners with their communities through social action. WE is the delivery partner of this programme.


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

WE Schools is an experiential active citizenship programme that helps students understand social issues and then provides themwith the tools and resources to take local and global action—reigniting a passion for learning in the classroom. WE Schools

WE Schools engages more than 3.8 million young people in 16,000 schools

and groups in the UK and North America.

Based on the 2017–2018 Year in Review Survey completed by WE Schools teachers in the UK:

83% of teachers feel they are better equipped to teach about social justice issues through active citizenship-based learning.

86% of teachers report that their students feel a greater connection to their local community.

91% of teachers report that their students are nowmore capable of effectively voicing their own opinion.


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

During the 2017–2018 school year, young people involved in theWE Schools programme in the UK resulted in: annual social value* created in the UK through WE Schools actions. £22,827,660

316 organisations supported

117,649 kilos of food collected

£1,535,578 funds raised for local and global causes

864,082 hours volunteered

*Social value = total money raised for local and global causes + value of food collected + the value of hours volunteered at a standard valuation rate.

88% of teachers report that their students demonstrate increased leadership among their peers.

91% of teachers report that their students are more capable of developing a plan of action to address social justice issues.

88% of teachers report that their students are more likely to stand up for others who are treated unfairly because of their gender, race, religion, ability or sexual orientation.


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

WE Day

WE Day is a powerful, life-changing experience with world- renowned speakers and performers, mixed with real inspirational stories of change. It is an opportunity for young change-makers to come together and celebrate their year of action. Students can’t buy a ticket to WE Day, they earn their way by taking one local and one global action through the year-long WE Schools programme. Across the UK, Canada and the U.S., every young person makes their own journey to WE Day, but together they become empowered to change the world.


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

In the 2017–2018 school year, there were 19 WE Days across North America, the UK and the Caribbean. It was our biggest WE Day season yet!

We are grateful to everyone who showed their support for this WE Day season:

26,534 honoured guests hosted

233,532 young people from 11,802 schools attended

+ 78,386 volunteer hours served by 11,917 volunteers

To date, over 1.4 million people have attended WE Day.


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

Since theWE Global Learning Center opened its doors in September 2017, we have hosted thousands of incredible speakers, partners and friends in this beautiful new space. The establishment of the WE Global Learning Center was made with an initial landmark gift from long-time supporters Hartley Richardson and Family,The Richardson Foundation and David Aisenstat.Their actions were the spark that inspired a remarkable community of like-minded change-makers to come together to bring this vision to life.The generous support of The Rumi Foundation has been instrumental in realising the Center’s global vision, and connecting young people from across the UK to unique digital learning experiences.Their collective generosity has allowed us to expand our active citizenship programmes for young people, teachers, families and more, and to build an international hub for people who want to change the world. Through state-of-the-art technology, schools and young people from around the world will gain access to social action resources and the virtual coaching they need to make a difference at home and around the world. We are grateful to all those who have provided their tremendous support for this important project. Welcome to the WE Global Learning Center


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

We were honoured to have welcomed human rights advocate and eldest son of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King, Martin Luther King III, to share his simple yet profound message to help confront the evils of racism.

Full of cutting-edge technology, like the WE Connectivity Hub, the WE Incubation Hub and Skype digital classrooms, the WE Global Learning Center is a world-class facility where young people from the UK to North America to Tanzania can access the tools and develop the skills to change the world.


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

2017-2018 international highlights International Programming

Here are just a few inspirational examples of howWE made a positive impact across the world in the past year.

The first surgery at Baraka Hospital 1 May 2017, saw a huge milestone for Kenya’s Baraka Hospital: doctors performed the first surgery in the new surgical wing! A successful Caesarean section helped a young mother safely bring her baby boy into the world. A huge thank you goes out to the incredible team at Baraka Hospital and our amazing donors who have made the hospital possible. With Baraka Hospital’s new surgical wing, families across Narok County have peace of mind that, should they need it, there is life-saving help nearby.


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

Spotlight on: Ethiopia WE’s work in Ethiopia will build on the work of Canadian non-profit imagine1day.This is an exciting coming together of ideas, innovations and passion to bring transformative change to Ethiopia’s Tigray and Oromia regions. WE will first focus on the Education Pillar and then expand programming over the next three to five years to include the remaining Pillars of Impact.


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

WE Villages

For over two decades, WE Villages has been engineering an international development model to end poverty.

By collaborating with dedicated community members and international development experts to find solutions that work, we have developed an effective five-pillar model that helps break the cycle of poverty in nine countries around the world. We are proud to announce the addition of Ethiopia as our ninth WE Villages partner country.

An ecosystem of sustainable development.


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

Like father, like son

Francis Naimodu’s brother inspired him to go to high school. One year in, he is a role model to other young students.

The importance of having a mentor On a warm January morning, Year 10 student Francis Naimodu stands outside of Ngulot Boys High School in Kenya’s Maasai Mara. He and several other classmates, are waiting for the new class of Year 9 students to arrive for their first day of high school. He straightens his tie and tucks in his shirt. He is about to meet his “son,” and first impressions are everything. Francis and his fellow learners are part of the school’s new father-son mentorship programme. Year 10 learners (fathers) are tasked with mentoring the class (sons) to help the new students cope with their first day of school. Francis’s “son” is Zadock Kibet, who has heard stories about bullies in high school and worries that he will be teased about being small. Francis, familiar with first day nerves, explains to Zadock that he has nothing to worry about; Francis would look out for him.

Francis knows the importance of having a mentor and role model.His parents passed away when he was young, leaving his oldest brother to raise six younger siblings. No one in his family had ever gone to high school.When Francis graduated from Year 8, his brother could not afford to send him either.Then a new boy’s high school founded by WE opened, offering full scholarships. Francis was encouraged to apply. Francis says the father-son programme is an opportunity to pass on the type of mentorship he received from his brother; easing the transition of the new learners into an unfamiliar environment, and allowing all students to learn from one another as they grow into confident and thoughtful young men. TO READ OTHER STORIES OF IMPACT, VISIT WE.org/stories/boyshighschool.


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

The goal of WE Villages is to implement a holistic, sustainable development model so that communities can lift themselves out of poverty. This is achieved through five Pillars of Impact. Pillars of Impact

Education We set students up for success by building schools, providing teacher accommodations, educational resources and supplies, leadership training for teachers, and extracurricular school activities like health and environment clubs.

In 2017, Marialapa Primary School in Haiti was outfitted with solar panels to provide classrooms with electricity.

Water We help provide communities with clean water to drink and use for cooking, healthy sanitation facilities for washing, infrastructure systems to facilitate food production and workshops to teach healthy hygiene practices and waterborne-disease prevention.

Community members in Esinoni, Kenya, will spend 9,000 fewer hours collecting water each year because they have a borehole.


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

Health We work with community partners to improve access to health clinics, facilitate training of healthcare professionals and teach the community about disease prevention.

In 2017, we completed the 18th family bathroom in our partner communities in Ecuador.

Opportunity We provide training and support to increase women’s income-generating skills to help them accrue savings and become empowered to shape their own lives. Food In developing countries, hunger can lead to malnutrition and illness. With support from our founding partner Nutrien, we work with communities to implement agriculture and food security programmes, ensuring families have access to healthy, self-sustaining food sources. Over 100 farmers in our partner communities in rural China are learning new agricultural techniques and growing improved crops.

In 2017, the girls’ groups in our partner communities in Ecuador took out 13 loans–a value of £6,700–for their group projects.


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

Annual financials

Our fundraising model reflects our vision for sustainable development and empowering young leaders at home and around the world. By honouring every donation, from student-led coin collections to corporate partnerships, we have an industry- leading standard of financial responsibility that ensures all contributions are spent effectively. Your donation to WE Charity is an investment in a better world.We use an asset-based approach to development, so instead of community members being passive recipients of aid they are empowered to lead the change.

Sources of income*

2017 - 2018



£ 1,952,321.00

Corporate partners









Young people





*Please note that income includes cash and in-kind donations and all figures are consolidated for Free The Children UK (trading as WE Charity).


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

Expenditure of income*

2017 - 2018

Domestic projects and education


£ 1,998,296.00

International projects and education



General and administration





*Please note that all figures are consolidated for Free The Children UK (trading as WE Charity).


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

Board of Directors

Thank you to our Board of Directors for their continuous support and volunteerism.

We’re honoured to have leaders in business, finance, education, law, not-for-proft management, academia, brand and marketing, on our WE Board of Directors to help change the world.

UK Board of Directors Lord Rumi Verjee – Chair Founder, The Rumi Foundation Craig Burkinshaw Founder, Audley Travel Pauline Latham Member of Parliament for Mid-Derbyshire Michael Comish Entrepreneur In Residence, TPG Carlos Pinto Global Head of Corporate Development, Royal Bank of Canada Neil Roskilly CEO, Independent Schools Association Meigan Terry

WE Day UK Co-Chairs Dr. Holly Branson Trustee and Founder, Big Change Charitable Trust; Chair, Virgin United Lord Rumi Verjee Founder, The Rumi Foundation

Senior Vice President of Global Communications, Scotiabank


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

UK partners and supporters A big and special thank you to these incredible organisations and people for their support in helping us change the world—we could not do it without you!

Jackie Allt Ark

Mission Measurement Mohamed S. Farsi Foundation NMTB Communications Oasis The Owen Family

ASDAN Ashden Audley Travel Bain & Company Belu Big Change Charitable Trust Boots UK Limited The Branson Family Craig Burkinshaw and Joanne Le Bon The Challenge Character Scotland COMO Hotels and Resorts DePaul Diana Award EastofEden FASNA First Give Garfield Weston Foundation The Girls’ Network Lord Michael Hastings Independent Schools Association Antony and Amanda Jenkins Amanda Jordan KPMG LLP The Kreeger Family

Paragon Service Point Pinsent Masons LLP The Pinto Family The Prosser Family The Queen’s Trust The Rumi Foundation Scott Dunn Step Up To Serve Sugar Mill Team London Trafalgar UK Unilever United Learning Virgin Atlantic Airways

Virgin Unite Young Scot YPO Berlin YPO Gold London

The Lower Green Foundation ME to WE Social Enterprises Micro-Tyco


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

Celebrity ambassadors

We are deeply grateful to our celebrity ambassadors, who bring theWEmovement to life through their thought- provoking words and skilled performances. Not only have they lent their time and talent, they have also proven by example that changing the world is just about the coolest thing that anybody could ever do.

Selena Gomez

Lilly Singh

Malala Yousafzai

Nelly Furtado

Magic Johnson


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

Natalie Portman

Kardinal Offishall

Joe Jonas

Holly Branson

Shay Mitchell

Winnie Harlow

Bluey Robinson

Jordan Fisher

Laura Whitmore

Other celebrity ambassadors Barenaked Ladies, Celebrity Marauders, Jessi Cruickshank, Nina Dobrev, Tyrone Edwards, Giacomo Gianniotti, Scott Helman, Olivia Holt, Shawn Hook, Skai Jackson, Demi Lovato, Bailee Madison, Bridgit Mendler, Machel Montano, Jenna Ortega, Drew Scott, Tyler Shaw, Hannah Simone, SonReal, Lennon & Maisy Stella, The Tenors, Jacob Tremblay, Liz Trinnear, Chloe Wilde.


WE Charity UK Annual Review 2017-2018

Contact us

14 Bowden Street London SE11 4DS tel: 020 8266 1616 email: ukyouth@WE.org

WE Charity is a registered charity in England and Wales (1138645) and Scotland (SC045815).

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