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The Perfect Easy Recipe To Cure Your Post-Thanksgiving Blues

Cooking has been my love language for as long as I can remember. All major life events were centered around the dining room table in my house growing up. There is something so special about sharing a home-cooked meal with my family and friends, so needless to say, Thanksgiving really allows me to go all out. However, with that being said, I do have one rule for the day after Thanksgiving: NO COOKING. The 24 hours following that meal are for me to enjoy the food coma I will undoubtedly be in! I don’t know about your family, but we usually have leftovers for days , and by the second or third day of having the same meal over and over, we start to get sick of it. So, what do you do? To throw it away would be such a waste! Enter the Thanksgiving leftover sandwich. To start, you will need to make sure you have some sturdy bread on hand. This recipe called for sourdough, and it held up better than I expected. Ciabatta bread is another hearty bread that would work great in this recipe too. I toasted two pieces on a flat- top grill with a little butter. After that, it was time to start layering the leftovers! I piled my bread high, starting with stuffing, followed by a few pieces of thickly sliced turkey, and topped off with some homemade cranberry sauce. The Thanksgiving leftover sandwich is awesome . It’s the perfect blend of sweet and savory. And best of all, it’s just like having Thanksgiving dinner all over again, but now it’s portable! No tablecloth or fine china required. You can wrap it up and eat it while you’re camped out waiting for Best Buy to open their doors for Black Friday shopping. Trust me when I say your family is guaranteed to gobble this one up!

4 Eco-Friendly Ways to Decorate for the Holidays I’M DREAMING OF A GREEN CHRISTMAS

Considering all the wrapping paper, decorations, and cards that fill our homes during the holiday season, it’s no surprise that the period between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is not only the most cheerful but also the most wasteful time of year. According to Stanford University, Americans generate 25% more trash during the holidays than any other period — that’s the equivalent of one million extra tons per week, which is enough to convince anyone worried about the health of the planet to cut back on the tinsel and fake snow. Luckily for the eco-conscious, celebrating the season without adding too much to the landfill is totally possible. To start your own green Christmas traditions, try these tricks: OPT FOR EDIBLE Remember the cranberry and popcorn garlands of Christmases past? It’s time to bring them back! Pair handmade garlands with iced salt dough and gingerbread ornaments for a fully edible, compostable tree decorating scheme. A bowl of patterned pomanders (oranges studded with cloves) and pinecones makes for a beautiful centerpiece that smells festive, too. GO WILD WITH PLANTS If you like to decorate your stair rail or mantlepiece, try replacing the shiny plastic and fake-foliage garlands with real holly and pine boughs or bringing festive potted plants indoors. Small evergreen trees, holly bushes, and poinsettias are all attractive choices that can, with proper care, last the whole year. DARE TO DIY If you have the time, scrap paper can be cut into beautiful ornaments, and old Christmas cards can be punched into leaf shapes and used to create lovely wreaths. Don’t forget to save your wrapping paper and ribbon scraps for next year! THRIFT SHOP TILL YOU DROP If you have your heart set on glitzy glass ornaments or an elaborate candle centerpiece, check nearby thrift stores before you head to Walmart. They’re often stocked to the brim with Christmas decor during the holidays, and you can probably get something you’ll love for pennies on the dollar! Plus, by recycling these previously used decorations, you’ll be keeping them out of the landfill.

Merry Christmas! By Lauren Risner

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