Primary Eye Care Associates - March 2018


As a child, my sister, Monica, faced many complications with her eyesight. She was extremely nearsighted, which required ongoing care. A typical family might go to the eye doctor every few years for an exam, but she needed to go every six months for treatment. When you’re a kid, your parents generally drag you along to your siblings’ events. So, spending time in a doctor’s office became the norm for me, though I didn’t really mind it. Actually, I became infatuated with the various instruments used in the office, and I was drawn toward the unique qualities of the world I was dropped into. Through those experiences, I developed a keen understanding of how crucial eyesight is to all of us. My sister’s eye issues held her back from the activities she wanted to enjoy in life. It wasn’t until she received treatment that she shed her doubts and became confident enough to pursue life at full capacity. She was able to participate in sports, among other activities, and it ultimately changed her life. Early on, I realized that improving one’s eyesight can make a dramatic impact on quality of life, and I carry that excitement to help people with me today. When she received contact lenses, it opened up a whole new world for her. She gained confidence, played sports, and enjoyed improved eyesight. The Origin of Primary Eye Care Myopia Helped Me See My Future

and excited about working with new patients, and it’s a great feeling to help them see as they never have before. Moments like these make me so proud of our practice. I get to work with an incredibly diverse group of people every single day and help patients resolve the vision issues that plague them. Our patients come from all walks of life, and they provide new learning opportunities for us on a daily basis. This makes our work rewarding, as it feels great to help. We’re also able to develop relationships with our patients. Every day I get out of bed, I get to make new friends and make a positive impact. When I’m not at work, you can find me in the kitchen exploring another passion: cooking. I love spending time with my two boys and making new gourmet dishes. My daughter and my wife don’t seem to mind, either, since they get to partake in some Chander family specialties on a regular basis. My chicken Parmesan recipe in particular is a hit!

Mostly, I enjoy eating healthy foods because it aligns with my overall healthy lifestyle. I’m able to hit the gym three times a week. And now that it’s warming up, I’m able to get outside to pound the pavement for a few miles.


Pursuing a healthy lifestyle goes beyond just myself.

Recently, I’ve become passionate about empowering my team to achieve their financial goals. I believe that all of us can reduce our stress by getting out (and staying out) of debt. Many of our team meetings don’t have anything do with eye care; instead, they center on financial freedom. I truly love this practice and am proud of our team’s accomplishments. We’re all extremely excited about the growth we’ve recently experienced. It’s a testament to the wonderful people with whom I surround myself. As our growth continues, we look forward to helping more and more people in new and unique ways. You see, it wasn’t just my sister’s life that was transformed by having her vision corrected — mine was, too. I look forward to sharing the same transformative experiences with all of you.

My nephew (Monica’s son), Logan, is currently going through a similar issue. Now that he’s my patient, both Monica and I are making sure he doesn’t have to go through what his mom did. We’ve initiated therapy to stop his prescription from getting worse. In fact, at his last visit, he had no change! I am fortunate enough to have a great team that shares my enthusiasm. We are all passionate

–Steven Chander

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