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THE ANSWER TO ‘WHAT IS OUR WHY?’ TAKING THE FAMILY APPROACH O ne day not long ago, I found myself in a brainstorming session with my team. We came to the now-famous Simon Sinek question, “What is our why?” I started listening to answers.

working for. At the time, my wife and I had a newborn baby, and as sleep deprived as we were, she helped me make 75, sometimes 100, calls a day selling Medicare supplement insurance. Talking to the population I liked each day fit with my passion and strengths. I was able to connect people with what they needed. Either the insurance I was offering was better than what you had, or it wasn’t. If it wasn’t, no sale. If it was, I

It led me back to my “why” of getting into this business in the first place. My work has always been about providing services that I would want for myself and for my family. It’s really the way I’ve always looked at providing any service, financial or otherwise: providing the best I can for my family and friends. Why wouldn’t I treat clients just like I would my family? Years ago, fresh out of college, I was already aware that I cared about providing people with the best. In my sales position, I found I enjoyed working with older people and they liked working with me. I saw myself as an advocate rather than as a salesperson. Instead of selling something, I was helping a person find what they needed. My sales career took me to an insurance business after I connected with the owner and saw that he was someone I would enjoy SERVICES THAT I WOULD WANT FOR MYSELF AND FOR MY FAMILY. MY WORK HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT PROVIDING

my mother-in-law, we found she didn’t qualify for it because of a health issue. After a lot of research, we found a very similar policy that would accept her, and after moving to assisted living, she’s been able to have all of her expenses covered. Based on this experience and the many people I’ve worked with, I really do believe that all families deserve not just the best that a company offers, but the best that we can find. When you’re looking to make the best decision for you and your loved ones, we’re here for you. At Shepherd Wealth and Retirement, we give you the same advice on how to preserve and grow your wealth that we give to our own families. I look forward to talking with you soon. When you stop by, we’ll be here for you, just like family. If you want to learn more in the meantime, you can find resources at

connected people with what they needed and provided them with a better option than what they had. When long-term care insurance came out, though, I found that the long-term care coverage we were asked to offer was not the best available. Even though I was the most productive salesperson in the company, I was being asked to sell less-than-adequate policies and I could not do that. Shepherd Wealth and Retirement was born from that realization. I started my own, independent company so I could offer and be an advisor to people on the best options out there, rather than just the best available at “the company.” Shepherd Wealth Management is a father- son partnership, but even before David, Jr., joined me, it’s always been a family business. It’s based on answering the “why” of “What choice would I make for my family?” I’m able to ask these questions because I’ve faced them myself. Several years ago, we found the best policy we could for my parents. When it came time to get the same one for

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-Dave Shepherd

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