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Mid-Plains wraps up summer renovations

McDonald- Belton Building — South Campus, North Platte Some of the most no- ticeable changes in North Platte occurred on South Campus. The fireplace area inside the north entrance was completely gutted and rebuilt. “The idea was to cre- ate a welcoming area for students to hang out,” said Mike Steele, MPCC area vice presi- dent of administrative services. The ceiling, lights and fireplace were re-

MPCC Communications Bright open spac- es, fresh paint and new carpet will greet stu- dents at Mid-Plains Community College this week. MPCC conducted a series of renovations at its North Platte and McCook campuses over the summer — all with the intention of creating a better learning environment. In the process of up- dating the function of certain areas, the aesthetics were also improved, resulting in buildings that are more attractive and welcoming.

moved and replaced. The floor was evened out, and the ceiling above the seating area was reworked to make it more aesthetical- ly pleasing. The brown tones of the space were replaced with various shades of grey to give it a modern feel and to tie in with furniture in- stalled a year ago. Additionally, the gas fireplace was replaced with an electric ver- sion, and a large screen TV was placed above it. The trapezoid area was carpeted, phone charging stations were added and the trophy cases on either side of the theater were converted into small sitting areas. McDonald Belton Learning Commons On the south side of the McDonald-Belton Building, the Learning Resource Center and Student Success Center were merged into a Learning Commons, providing a one-stop shop for all student ser- vices. A welcome desk was placed in the center of the room, direct- ly across from the Learning Commons

Photo courtesy of MPC Mid-Plains Community College gutted and rebuilt the fireplace area in th commons on the south campus in North Platte this summer.

Learning Commons. The colors are grey, lime green and bright blue — giving the area a contemporary feel. Elsewhere in McDonald- Belton Other areas in the McDonald-Belton Building also received a facelift. “The area between the sidewalks as visi- tors approach the north entrance has been re-

entrance, and the li- brary, tutoring and other student service departments were built around it. New furniture was added to accommodate groups as well as indi- viduals. That included two study rooms with enough seating for up to five students. Each room has its own TV for video conferencing. There are also indi- vidual study carrels, charging stations and more seating scat- tered throughout the

worked to make it a functional space for students and staff to meet or relax,” Steele said. “The space will include picnic tables and bench seating as well as improved light- A classroom just in- side the north entrance was completely remod- eled to match other rooms with new floor- ing, ceiling tiles and lighting, making it an ing with access to electrical outlets.”

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FRIDAY, AUGUST 16, 2019 WE ARE MID-PLAINS MPCC welcomes new faculty for 2019-20 THE NORTH PLATTE TELEGRAPH

ing and selling cars for a local motor company. He has been an assis- tant in the college’s auto body department for the past 18 years. Jamie Perry Jamie Perry replac- es Martin Steinbeck as the director of the college’s medical laboratory technol- ogy program. Perry is originally from Sidney. She graduat- ed in 2007 then spent four years at Chadron State College where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in human bi- ology. Perrythen trans- ferred to the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha where she received a medical laboratory sci- ence degree in 2012. She was subsequently employed as a med lab scientist at UNMC for three years.

MPCC Communications Mid-Plains Community College is starting the school year with several new faculty members. They are: Dr. David Potter, Jess Grasmick, Alexa McCall, Mark Harwood and Jamie Perry in North Platte and Mark Hardiman in McCook. Dr. David Potter Dr. David Potter is the new speech instruc- tor in North Platte. Originally from Smith Center, Kansas, Potter

Mid-Plains in 2010. She was hired by Maple Park Dental Associates during her third rota- tion. Grasmick worked for the office two years then decided to contin- ue her education. She received a bachelor’s degree in biological sci- ence from Peru State College in 2015 then returned to work for Maple Park for three more years — up un- til she was hired by MPCC. Alexa McCall Alexa McCall is the college’s new developmental math in- structor. She is

ing math for middle school and high school students at Brady Public Schools. She has served as an adjunct instructor and head women’s volleyball coach for North Platte Community College since 2015. Mark Harwood Mark Harwood takes over for Don Wilson as the new auto body/ collision instructor at Mid-Plains Community College. He is also an alum of the program he is now

tended the University of North Dakota, earn- ing a doctorate in communication and public discourse with a specialty in privacy and facial recognition technology in 2015. In 2018, he obtained an associate degree in au- tomotive technology from Oklahoma City Community College. Prior to taking the job at Mid-Plains, Potter taught speech and intro to film at Jackson State Community College in Jackson, Tennessee. He also taught speech, mass communica- tion and interpersonal communication at St. Gregory’s University in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Jess Grasmick Jess Grasmick took over as NPCC’s full- time dental as- sisting instruc- the 2018- 19 school year filling in as an in- terim. The North Platte na- tive brings her own experience at MPCC to the position. She grad- uated from the dental assisting program at Jess Grasmick tor last spring after spending the first half of


moved to North Platte in 2015. She took a part-time adjunct teach- ing job in MPCC’s med

Jamie Perry

lab tech department in 2016 while simul- taneously pursuing a Master of Business Administration de- gree through Bellevue University. Her po- sition at the college became full-time in January, and Perry of- ficially became the program director af- ter Steinbeck retired in May. Mark Hardiman Mark Hardiman will teach speech and the- ater in McCook. He has both a Master of Fine

graduat- ed early fromhigh school in 2005 and spent what would ave een his

teaching —having

gradu- ated in 1989.

also no strang- er to the col- lege. She played volley- ball for the Lady Knights from 2008-09.

He has

always enjoyed work- ing on cars, but initial-

Mark Harwood

David Potter

econd emes-

ter of his senior year of high school at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. He earned a bach- elor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2008 and a master’s degree in public ad- ministration from the University of Nebraska Omaha in 2010. Potter then moved to Grand Forks, North Dakota, where he at-

ly wanted to study art at the Denver Art Institute. At that time, there was a one- year wait to get into the art institute, so Harwood followed in the footsteps of his old- er brother at MPCC. He soon found that he could be just as cre- ative in the field of auto body and never left North Platte. In 1991, he began teaching auto body night classes for MPCC in addition to repair-

Alexa McCall

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McCall trans- ferred her credits to Concordia University in Seward where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in sec- ondary education and a teaching certificate. She followed in her mother’s footsteps in becoming a teacher. McCall’s first job out of college was teach-



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way. The end goal is to make services readily available without having to go to a number of different locations to get assistance.” W.W. Wood Building — North Campus, North Platte The W.W. Wood Building on the college’s North Campus was closed for about a month over the summer so that all of the electrical supply and equipment in the building could be replaced. The previous infrastruc- ture was installed in the ’70s. The concrete approaches to each of the campus’ entrances were pulled out and replaced with new concrete. The lights in the parking lot were also upgraded, and the island on the east side of the W.W. Wood Building was removed to create a flat parking lot for classes. Von Riesen Library — McCook Crews were just as busy in McCook, where the von Riesen Library was closed all summer for a

improved area for engaged learning. Across from the concession stand, a space for a trophy case was con- structed. The area will eventually showcase the accomplishments of the college’s athletes. The space immediately inside the south entrance received new floor- ing, lighting and ceiling tiles to make it more inviting to visitors. Televisions were added on either side of the entrance, and a digital kiosk with information about the col- lege was placed outside the Welcome Center. “The projects over the last two summers have allowed us to inte- grate important services within the building,” Steele said. “We have pur- posely created space around the south entrance that will allow pro- spective and current students to manage their enrollment, advising, financial aid and student accounts all within the same area. Student support services (testing, ADA, tu- toring, library, student life) are all located within the southwest hall-

Photo courtesy of MPCC Concrete approaches to the entrances of the North Campus in North Platte were replaced and lights were upgraded for the parking lot.

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sionally as an actor, director and fight cho- reographer for over two decades, includ- ing work at San Diego Repertory Theatre and the Bowery Theatre in California. He was also the found- er and producing

Arts degree in directing from Ohio University and a master’s degree in communication from Northern Illinois University. Prior to taking the position in McCook, he served as a professor of theatre at Lincoln Land Community College in Springfield, Illinois, for a decade. Hardiman has worked profes-

Mark Hardiman

artistic director for Talisman Theater, which performed in Chicagoland for 15 years.




Photo courtesy of MPCC The von Riesen Library on the McCook Campus saw a complete remodel during the summer months.

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carrel desks and charging stations. “The look and feel is the same as the Learning Commons in North Platte,” Steele said. “The circula- tion desk serves as the hub. Students can stop there to get directions to the various services. They can also sit at a bar behind the circulation desk to study.” Angled parking was added outside the library — along L Street between von Riesen and Walsh-Brady. CAST Building — McCook MPCC’s Center for Applied Science and Technology building across town was also renovated. The locker rooms and restrooms were moved to the front of the build- ing to allow students to change before entering the shop and lab. That will allow for better utilization of space within the lab. Additionally, one classroom was expanded into space not previously being utilized.

complete remodel. The project moved all student services to the first floor to make them easier to find. The changes will allow the college to jointly use staff from multiple de- partments to operate the facility. The library is still upstairs, but the book stacks and the children’s library moved downstairs. The children’s library also got its own semiprivate space in the basement to give it more room and gained a TV. The news and sports information office, as well as the piano lab, are still located on the lower level. They are now joined by two study rooms and seating for group workspaces. All student success offices, such as tutoring, were moved upstairs where there are two areas designated for taking tests. The first floor houses a memorabilia room that will be acces- sible to the public, a group study room,

Photo courtesy of MPCC Locker rooms and restrooms at the Center for Applied Science and Technology in McCook were moved to the front of the building.




NEBRASKA RESIDENTS Tuition and Fees (Room & 14-meal plan) TOTAL Campus housing

FIRSTTWOYEARS COST of Tui t ion, Fees , Room, and Board*

$ 3,300 $ 6,020


$ 9,320



$ 9,320




finaid@mpcc.edu 308-535-3705 finaid@mpcc.edu





MPCC Title IV School Code: 002557


Colorado, Kansas, South Dakota &Wyoming residents receive in-state tuition! Military Veterans & your dependents qualify for Resident tuition* *must provide objective evidence of being a resident of Nebraska. FIgures represent approximate direct costs for a student taking 30 credit hours and living in college housing for the 2019-2020 Academic Year. Note: Room and board looks at a typical package, although universities have multiple packages. Source: Tuition, room and board rates were found on the individual university web pages


*These figures do not include books/supplies as they vary by program.

Starting your first two years at MPCC instead of an in-state university SAVES YOU AN AVERAGE OF OVER $ 21,000.




North Platte CC




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Associate of Fine Arts degree unique to Mid-Plain MPCC Communications Mid-Plains Community College is home to the first Associate of Fine Arts de- gree program in Nebraska. By selecting an empha- all have in common the best interests of each individual student.”

MPCC’s fine arts program examines the formal, techni- cal and expressive qualities of fine art — from the prin- ciples and design elements to the language used to de- scribe, analyze and critique various works and perfor- mances. Any students interest- ed in music can participate in choir and band — even non-majors. Private music lessons are also available. Additionally, fine arts stu- dentshave the opportunity to join an art club, theater club or music organization. That allows them to ex- press, experience, interpret and understand the world of artistic expression through examples of media, perfor- mances and educational field trips.

sis in art, theater or music, students can receive a com- prehensive foundation for a fraction of what they would pay at a larger institution. MPCC’s small classes mean students receive tailored, one-on-one instruction. The credits are fully transferable to four-year colleges and uni- versities. “We are extremely proud of our fine arts program and the reputation it has earned,” said Rick Johnson, art instructor. “The class- es are small, allowing for a great deal of interactive assistance and individual guidance. Our instructors are all professionals in their respective fields, with exten- sive exhibition records, and

Photo courtesy of MPCC MPCC art instructor Rick Johnson discusses techniques with art major Hana Brock, o Lexington. HVAC-R students will train with state-of-the-art tech MPCC Communications Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration stu- solutions, has a partnership with NC3, an organization that maintains the highest standards for certified instructors.

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dents at Mid-Plains Community College will start the fall semester- with state-of-the-art technology. The college has purchased a vari- ety of Trane brand productsthat will allow the students to become cer- tified by the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC3) in four residential HVAC-R areas: airflow handling, heat pumps, refrigeration diagnostics and variable speed mo- tors. The equipment consists of a sin- gle stage gas furnace with constant torque blower drives, a single stage gas furnace with a permanent split capacitor blower drive and a couple oftwo-stage gas furnaces with vari- able speed blower drives. There is also a two-stage heat pump and three single stage heat pumps. Trane, a world leader in air con- ditioning systems, services and

“NC3 provides education for cer- tifications on Trane equipment,” said Rex Kemp, HVAC-R instructor. “There is a complete curriculum for each certification. Even though the training is on Trane equipment, the skills students will gainwill be appli- cable to any brand of equipment they service.” Dedication to a quality education Planning for the equipment be- gan about a year ago after a Trane representative visited the college and introduced HVAC-R students to some of the newest products on the market. Because the college is dedicated to staying on top of technological ad- vancements and teaching the most relevant information in each of its program areas, it decided to move forward with the purchase of some of Please see HVAC, Page C1




First Presbyterian Church (USA) 1901 W Leota Street - 532-1083 email: office@fpcnp.org www.fpcnp.org Office Hours: 9am - 4pm

Parkview Community Church of the Nazarene 1802 North Jeffers - 532-0613 Rev. James Trippett E-mail: pccnoffice@yahoo.com Web Site for services: ParkviewNaz.com

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church 415 N. Chestnut 532-0942

North Platte Berean Church Leading people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ 202 West 8th • 308-532-7448 http://npberean.org

www.st-pats-online.org WEEKEND MASSES Saturday - 5:30 pm Sunday - 8:30 am 11:00 am; 5:30 pm DAILY MASS Mon. - Sat. - 8:00 am CONFESSION Mon. - Sat. 7:30 am Sat. afternoon - 4:00 pm - 5:00pm or by appointment Fr. Joshua Brown Rev. Vijumon Choorackal Deacon Matthew Irish Deacon Mark Lister Deacon Dixon Powers Deacon Eric Parker Facebook: St. Patrick’s Catholic Church of North Platte Parish BBQ - Bargain Bin - Food Pantry Theology on Tap (Ages 21 - 40)

SUNDAY 9:00AM Choir Practice 10:00AM Sunday Worship

SATURDAY AT PARKVIEW 7:00pm • Worship Service

SUNDAY 9:00 am • Worship gathering • Ambassador groups (over 50) • Nursery - 5th grade at all 3 gathering (9am, 11am, & 6pm) 11:00 am • Worship gathering • Children's groups (Nursery - Grade 5) • Middle & High school groups 6:00 pm • Worship gathering • Children's groups (Nursery - Grade 5) WEDNESDAY 6:30 pm • Middle & High school groups Adult & family small groups meet throughout the week First Evangelical Lutheran Church (ELCA) Pastor Arnold Flater 305 West 5th St • 308-532-0250 WEBPAGE: www.firstevlutheran-np.com WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00PM - Worship Service 6:30PM - 7:30PM – Faith Learning Time SUNDAY 8:15AM - Traditional Worship Service 9:15AM - Coffee & Donuts 10:30AM - Praise Worship Service FIRST LUTHERAN PRESCHOOL Director: Gail Jensen Two, Three, Four & Five Days a Week 3 to 5 years old

(Childcare provided) Live Streaming Worship at www.fpcnp.org

SUNDAY 9:30am • Sunday School classes for all ages 10:30am • Worship Service 6:00pm • DVD Study WEDNESDAY 6:00 pm • Middle School and High School at the Destination Faith Center, 310 North Buffalo 7:00pm • Adult Bible Study & Prayer Nursery Provided for Sunday School & Saturday & Sunday Worship Services Call the Church for more info 532-0613 Office hours Mon - Thurs 9-5 p.m. Little Lamb Christian Daycare

TUESDAY 9:00AM Mission Fellowship

Sewing/Quilting Group


Education Program for children & youth with family style dinner

7:00PM Senior High meets 7:00PM Choir Practice 8:00PM Bell Choir Practice


and Christian Preschool Monday through Friday 532-4126

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church Father Mark Seiker

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church 1400 East E Street North Platte, Nebraska Church Office - 308-532-4753 School Office - 308-532-6421 orlcs.np.ne@gmail.com Rev. Daniel J. Ramsey, Pastor Mrs. Wende Carson, Principal

http://www.seas-np.org/ 3301 Echo Dr. • 534-5461 (West Walker Rd. approx. 1 mile West of Hwy. 83)

SATURDAY 5:00 pm • Evening Mass Confessions • 4:00 pm - 4:55 pm SUNDAY 10:00 am • Morning Mass Confessions • 9:00 am - 9:55 am Confessions: 30 min. before most daily Masses

203 West 4th • 532-0515 Pastor Mary Hendricks, Interim Priest SUNDAY 9:30 am • The Holy Eucharist THURSDAY 5:30 pm • The Holy Eucharist in the St. George Chapel

Christian Education @ 8:45 AM for all Sunday services @ 10 AM Fellowship and coffee @ 11:15 AM Monday night services @ 7:00 PM Our Redeemer Lutheran Church is affiliated with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. This is the Church of “The Lutheran Hour.” We maintain a fully accredited Christian Day School; Pre-School thru Eighth grade. Our school is taking registrations for the 2019-2020 school year.


OFFICE HOURS Monday-Friday: 9AM – 4PM Saturday –Sunday: Closed

Harvest Christian Fellowship A Wesleyan Ministry Jeremy Rinke, Lead Pastor “A Real Church for Real People”

Beautiful Savior Lutheran (LCMS) • 402 Baytree • 534-7004

Messiah Lutheran Church 2700 West A Street 308-532-9258 Pastor Rebecca Mangelsdorf www.MessiahLutheranChurchnp.org Sunday

Pastor Robert Deardoff email: bslc@bslcnp.com

6:30 pm

Saturday Service: Sunday Services:

SUNDAY 8:45 a.m. • Classic Praise Worship 9:45 a.m. • Coffee & Donuts 10:00 a.m. • Sunday School/Bible Class 11:00 a.m. • New Song Praise Worship www.bslcnp.com

9:30 am and 11:00 am

8:30 am • Adult Bible Study 9:30 am • Worship Service 10:30 am • Sunday School

Celebrate Recovery: 6:30 pm

each Sunday

Age 3 - High School 10:30 am • Coffee and Fellowship

www.npharvest.church Find us on Facebook 1501 S. Dewey • 308-534-4563



Photo courtesy of MPC Jerimeiah Jaramillo of McCook installs a lin set for Trane heat pump. The heat pump is part o new state-of-the-art equipment purchased for th HVAC-R program at MPCC.

HVAC from Page C8

which was paid for by a Perkins grant. Both Kemp and the students are ex- cited about the new equipment and the op- portunities it will provide. Kemp said the Trane certifications will give his students “more tools in their ré- sumé box” that they can use when applying for future employment. museum curation and advertising. Additional career op- portunities exist in the areas of acting, theater production, set design, stage makeup, illus- tration, photography, jewelry design, musi- cal composition, music directing and videogra- phy among many other professions. More information about the Associate of Fine Arts program at Mid-Plains is available by calling 800-658-4308, emailing info@mpcc.edu or visiting mpcc.edu.

the systems.

Kemp went through NC3 training at Gateway Technical College in Kenosha, Wisconsin, in prepara- tion for the new units. The equipment, and the tools to accompa- ny it, cost $8,583, all of

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MPCC campuses in McCook and North Platte both provide access to downtown cultural venues for ed- ucational enrichment in all disciplines. Those include theaters, art guilds and galleries. Many of MPCC’s graduates now wor- kas professional artists and musicians, or in art-related fields such as teaching, architec- ture, graphic design,

• Friendly Work Environment • Flexible Scheduling • Strong Benefits Package • Competitive Wages • Extra $3.00 per hour on Sat. & Sun. • Profit Sharing Bonus • Store Discount

To apply, please stop in at the NORTH PLATTE store and apply in person! 4571 South Parkway Drive




MCCOOK 308-345-8100

NORTH PLATTE -SOUTH 308-535-3600

NORTH PLATTE -NORTH 308-535-3600

BROKEN BOW 308-872-5259

IMPERIAL 308-882-5972

OGALLALA 308-284-983

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