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Mid-Plains wraps up summer renovations

McDonald- Belton Building — South Campus, North Platte Some of the most no- ticeable changes in North Platte occurred on South Campus. The fireplace area inside the north entrance was completely gutted and rebuilt. “The idea was to cre- ate a welcoming area for students to hang out,” said Mike Steele, MPCC area vice presi- dent of administrative services. The ceiling, lights and fireplace were re-

MPCC Communications Bright open spac- es, fresh paint and new carpet will greet stu- dents at Mid-Plains Community College this week. MPCC conducted a series of renovations at its North Platte and McCook campuses over the summer — all with the intention of creating a better learning environment. In the process of up- dating the function of certain areas, the aesthetics were also improved, resulting in buildings that are more attractive and welcoming.

moved and replaced. The floor was evened out, and the ceiling above the seating area was reworked to make it more aesthetical- ly pleasing. The brown tones of the space were replaced with various shades of grey to give it a modern feel and to tie in with furniture in- stalled a year ago. Additionally, the gas fireplace was replaced with an electric ver- sion, and a large screen TV was placed above it. The trapezoid area was carpeted, phone charging stations were added and the trophy cases on either side of the theater were converted into small sitting areas. McDonald Belton Learning Commons On the south side of the McDonald-Belton Building, the Learning Resource Center and Student Success Center were merged into a Learning Commons, providing a one-stop shop for all student ser- vices. A welcome desk was placed in the center of the room, direct- ly across from the Learning Commons

Photo courtesy of MPC Mid-Plains Community College gutted and rebuilt the fireplace area in th commons on the south campus in North Platte this summer.

Learning Commons. The colors are grey, lime green and bright blue — giving the area a contemporary feel. Elsewhere in McDonald- Belton Other areas in the McDonald-Belton Building also received a facelift. “The area between the sidewalks as visi- tors approach the north entrance has been re-

entrance, and the li- brary, tutoring and other student service departments were built around it. New furniture was added to accommodate groups as well as indi- viduals. That included two study rooms with enough seating for up to five students. Each room has its own TV for video conferencing. There are also indi- vidual study carrels, charging stations and more seating scat- tered throughout the

worked to make it a functional space for students and staff to meet or relax,” Steele said. “The space will include picnic tables and bench seating as well as improved light- A classroom just in- side the north entrance was completely remod- eled to match other rooms with new floor- ing, ceiling tiles and lighting, making it an ing with access to electrical outlets.”

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