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KNOWLEDGE BEANS a human resource newsletter issue no 48 | July 2012


WISE LEADERSHIP AnshooGaur,Presidentand HeadofAmdocsIndia, enlightensus


THEESSENCEOFWISE LEADERSHIP NiketKarajagi ,FounderDirectorof AtyaasaaConsultingPvtLtdshares hisviews

WISE LEADERSHIP TÊTE-À-TÊTE AnshooGaur Anshoo Gaur is the President and Head of Amdocs India and a member of Amdocs Senior Management team. Anshoo is also an Officer of Amdocs Ltd. Prior to joining Amdocs, at EDS/MphasiS, Anshoo was on

In Anshoo’s view, wisdom is the ability to make decisions based upon a holistic understanding of a problem, taking into consideration the impact of the decision on implicit and explicit stakeholders. Exercising wisdom would imply that the decision is balanced, made for the long term, and for the greater good. Acting with wisdom requires that a person has deep subject matter expertise and knowledge, but this is not enough as ‘dharma’ and its exercise is also a pre-requisite for the decision to be truly ‘wise’ . Wisdom is acquired from experience and lessons learned formally and informally, stories, belief system that we grow up with and a conscious pursuit of the ‘good’. Anshoo believes that the belief system is very important and that every culture has them. In the Indian context, ‘Dharma’ is central to stories and metaphors that we are brought up with and wisdom is what these stories impart. As we grow up, we often forget the ‘dharmic’ concepts, or feel that these concepts are not applicable as we pursue ‘business’ objectives. Hence, he believes that

the Executive team as the President of IT infrastructure management. In this role, Anshoo helped establish and rapidly grow the remote and domestic IT infrastructure management. He has been the winner of the Bloomberg - UTV IT CXO Award 2010 as Business Head of the year in APAC. Anshoo has over 22 years of cross cultural leadership experience,playing a wide variety of roles on strategic IT planning,operations management,process re-engineering,product management and development, customer and P&L management. Anshoo has been responsible to drive Amdocs’ India delivery and business growth since 2007.


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Neha Pant , is the Head of the Project Management team at Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited. She is a Science graduate fromDelhi University and a post-graduate in HR and marketing. She has worked in Delhi as a high end skill trainer, and has looked after the learning and development initiatives of different corporates for about three years. At Atyaasaa she manages projects on HR consulting, training and OD. Shruthi Shanker , Associate Consultant, Atyaasaa Consulting Private Limited, has completed her post graduation in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, graduate program in Psychological studies, Australia along with a Masters in Industrial Psychology. Her wonderful interpersonal skills and experience in the field of psychology help strengthen quality relations. She is highly passionate about learning, teaching, and painting.

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