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Enzymatic Solutions and Instrument Care Cleaning and Care

Infection Prevention and Instrument Management

Enzymatic Pre-Cleaner

Enzymax ™ Spray Gel Dual enzyme gel with corrosion inhibitor acts as a ready-to-use instrument pre-cleaner. Maintains moisture to help prevent debris from drying on instruments before cleaning and helps dissolve blood, tissue, and other debris. Can also be used as a linen spot remover.


709 ml Bottle (450 Sprays)

Ultrasonic Detergent is specifically formulated for efficient ultrasonic cleaning or presoaking of cassettes and instruments. Contains Steelgard™ Agents to protect instruments from harmful minerals naturally found in water that contribute to buildup, spotting and corrosion. Can also be used as an evacuation system cleaner. Enzymax™ Dual Enzyme Ultrasonic Detergent Presoak Liquid Format

Enzymax ™ Liquid A fast-acting, concentrated, liquid formula. Available in easy to pump gallon and liquid unit dose configurations.


Box of 40 Packets of 10 ml, Makes 151 L


Gallon bottle, 3,8 l, Makes 485 L


Gallon Pump, 3,8 l

Sani Holder Use with cleaners, disinfectants or cold sterilants. Inner basket is easily removed and allows for convenient draining.

High-Capacity – Holds up to 1 gallon of solution – 35.2cm x 24.4cm x 13cm


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IMS ™ Lilac Gloves Enhancing Safety during Instrument Reprocessing

Infection Prevention and Instrument Management

Lilac gloves are for use in the sterilization area and during disinfection processes in the operatory.

• Flocklined nitrile, lilac utility gloves are not made with natural rubber latex and stand out to professionals as the color of dental hygiene. • Resist certain chemicals* better than latex gloves** • Puncture resistant for improved protection against sharps injuries. • Molded texture improves tactile feel and grip. • Can be autoclaved up to 250˚F/121˚C up to five times.

* Please refer to packaging instructions for the penetration times of chemicals tested. ** CDC chart

Sizes and Part Codes (three pairs per package) Small (Size 7)

40-060 40-062 40-064 40-066

The cleaning process is an important step during

Medium (Size 8)

Large (Size 9)

instrument reprocessing. Make it safer and more efficient with HuFriedyGroup’s Instrument Management System (IMS).

Extra Large (Size 10)

Recommendation: Order one size larger than your examination gloves.

IMS ™ Care Products

Instrument Lubricant Spray Keeps hinged instruments moving freely.

SHINE reNEW ™ Wipes • Effectively remove stain and rust, restoring the luster to stainless steel and tungsten carbide instruments. • Quick and simple to use, eliminating the need for abrasive scrubs.


237 ml Bottle

The Instrument Lubricant Spray comes in a convenient non-aerosol pump bottle and does not contain silicone.


20 Wipe per Canister

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