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PLAGUED BY MIGRAINES? If you regularly fall victim to migraines, you likely know that stress, lack of sleep, certain smells, genetics, and visual stimuli cause pounding headaches that send your body into utter disarray. But did you know that the foods you eat can also be the culprit? Triggers, such as certain foods, can affect your gray matter, the area in your brain that houses motor and sensory function, taste, hearing, vision, and memory. Adjusting your eating habits may help to find you some relief ! COFFEE Sometimes, the caffeine in coffee is known to actually cure some killer headaches — that’s why it’s added in migraine medications. However, just as much as it can offer relief, it can be a nasty trigger if your body is used to getting it through your morning cup of coffee — and doesn’t. Oftentimes, caffeine withdrawal is a culprit. AGED CHEESE According to the National Headache Foundation, cheeses that contain tyramine, such as feta, blue cheese, cheddar, and brie, can trigger migraines. PICKLES Tyramine is also present in pickles, raw onion, and sauerkraut. Consider swapping out some of the pickled items you enjoy for fresh ones. Be Careful With These 5 Foods

MONOSODIUM GLUTAMATE (MSG) Likely, you’ve heard that MSG causes headaches, but

which foods contain enough MSG to do so? Fast food commonly is high in MSG, especially Chinese food. Snack foods, seasoning, frozen foods, and chips also include a high level of MSG. It is usually listed as an ingredient on the packaging, so check labels if you want to avoid it. CURED AND PROCESSED MEATS Hot dogs and sausages are not only inf lammatory foods, but they also contain nitrites and/or nitrates, which are known to widen your blood vessels — and that can potentially initiate a migraine. Keep in mind that not every migraine is tied to a trigger, but if it is, everyone’s triggers are different. If your trigger is food, the amount you consume also plays a role. If you begin to suspect a certain food or ingredient is a trigger, consume the same amount at the same time of day to try and identify a pattern. Then, start eliminating one food at a time to narrow down the culprit so you can adjust your diet accordingly to reduce the number of migraines you endure. While you can’t control all triggers, such as the weather or environment, you can control what you eat. And, as always, stay hydrated to keep your headaches at bay.

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